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    I am moving to California on Thursday. My wife and I for the last month now have decided that we need to make this work so I will not be getting a divorce which was scheduled for the 31st. I will be moving soon to her and my home in Cali. I am sorry boys but, I am out forever and modding is done for me. My life and my health and my wife and my family will always come first. It was a pleasure knowing you all. This will be my last correspondence. Since ROSTERS are not final I will not be uploading changes as I will have to start packing my Computer shit and what not. Sorry about that. KINGS1171 is officially ending here on WASSERLASSER. Take care and God Bless.

    Holy freakin' crap the drama has return we are putting end to this now. I am sorry to everyone offended and I will tone down my arrogance. Hey now I let you guys all know I have started making cyberfaces for the missing ones 2018-2019. I have already completed 4 faces. But, what's even more cooler than that, ready for it: All packs have been adjusted for the 2018-2019 NHL SEASON and they will all be updated. Not many goalies switched teams so ranger11 will be busy with that. I am going to help him with PADS, STICKS, HEAD PLATES, and I am doing my first ever mask this year. Been practicing. And I made my own template for PADS. I am excited!!!! :love::P:S:thumbup:^^:D:)

    OhYeah (SORRY MAN ENJOY WASSERLASER IT IS BEST ADD-ONS SITE IN THE WORLD) Barrus & Neeki thanks for putting me back in my place!!! Now I must work as this Summer I am on Vacation as my students and can kick butt on my projects. WOOOHOOO!!!

    I like your post, I do. But, he came here to say EA is shit and it is not. Without EA their would be no communities their would be no TBN or Wasserlasser or Splinter Ice do you see it now Barrus? Barrus, I am sorry you feel that way. But, I have been here so long and contribute so much that in my eyes (and it is only in my eyes) I can say whatever I wish. I love being a GRANDMASTER and I am proud of it because it took me a long time to get here. I am going on my 4th year here on Wasserlasser. I am not arrogant (as you say) I just believe he should not of just come here to troll and he did with his single post. Get it now. Now back to work. I got 21 cybers to make and am extremely busy.

    Also Kings1171 for my NBA 2K18 game, I'm updating it with free agency, and I use . It's the only sorted list out there for NBA. and they have one for NHL too!

    I know you use but spotrac seems more reliable? I'm not really sure but, check it out. It's more detailed on which team the player WAS on and which team he is NOW on.


    I did it bro! All teams are adjusted to today's transactions. TRADES and SIGNINGS!! Goalies too. But, we'll have to wait for gears.

    Bud!!!! There are only 21 players so far I have to make from scratch here they are:

    ANAHEIM - None yet.

    ARIZONA - None yet.

    BOSTON - Mark McNeill (Never made)

    BUFFALO - None yet.

    CALGARY - Austin Czarnik, Buddy Robinson (Never made)

    CAROLINA - Dan Renouf (Never made)

    CHICAGO - None yet.

    COLORADO - None yet.

    COLUMBUS- Dillon Simpson, Adam Clendending, Tommy Cross (Never made)

    DALLAS - Joel Hanley (Never made)

    DETROIT - Jack Chelios, Wade Megan (Never made)

    EDMONTON - None yet.

    FLORIDA - Paul Thompson (Never Made)

    LA KINGS - None yet.

    MINNESOTA - Mike Liambas (Never made)

    MONTREAL - Matthew Peca (Never made)

    NASHVILLE - Rocco Grimaldi (Never made)

    NEW JERSEY - John Ramage, Kurtis Gabriel (Never made)

    NEW YORK ISLANDERS - Matt Lorito (Never made)

    NEW YORK RANGERS - None yet.

    OTTAWA - None yet.

    PHILADELPHIA - None yet.

    PITTSBURGH - None yet.

    ST. LOUIS - Joey LaLeggia (Never made)

    SAN JOSE - None yet.

    TAMPA BAY - None yet.

    TORONTO - Jordan Subban (Never made)

    VANCOUVER - None yet

    VEGAS - Alex Gallant (Never made) he is Gallant's son

    WASHINGTON - None yet.

    WINNIPEG - Seth Griffith (Never made)

    Kings1171 I have an idea. What you can do is: Go through the teams like last year. And change the name of the 2018 file of let's say the Ducks, and Make it 2019. So when people see the new file in the filebase, they know it's updated for this year :) I think this is what I'll do when 19-20 season rolls around, I need to redo all facepacks. Just re-use what you have from last year, make the new cybers, and add them to the Ducks 2018 file, and delete the players that are no longer on the team, or obviously move them to their corresponding team. This will be easiest :)

    I will think about it. Okay.

    Amnesiac is updating everyday! Wooo-hooo!!

    All my Boys: NO TEAM PACKS for 2018-2019 season. It makes no sense to it again as all teams have been taken care of. I will make just new faces if need be for 2018-2019 (ROOKIES and whatever else). All the Goalies who have moved on to other teams will have last years stuff and we'll have to wait regardless for new gears.

    So I will NOT be doing any TEAM PACKS this year but, I will make players on each teams final roster that are not there or I will just rip them from ELITE ROSTER FACES.VIV if I see them.

    As Amnesiac is producing a new roster daily to keep us all updated there is no use to update faces again that would be stupid to do. So I am out till later in the year when everything is locked into final NHL ROSTERS. Have a GREAT SUMMER!!! Later!!!

    Well today I was a BUSY BEE as Day One of FREE AGENCY. An updated Roster by Amnesiac is just wow at the speed. I did all free agents who signed with other teams and fixed each and every PACK. There will be way more to come but, to start this early we will have it all done by 2018-2019 NHL Season start.

    My surprise free agents so far: Tavares to Maple Leafs, Stastny to VGK, Kunitz to Blackhawks. Blackhawks pick up a boat load of Goalies. Bye Bye Corey Crawford. A ton of changes I made to the PACKS and I am dead on accurate with Amnesiac's NEW roster (FREE AGENT FRENZY 2018-2019). What a crazy day!!!

    Hey bro! I was doing the same thing wow it is cool that our minds work the same. Are you on Rotoworld or I am not messing with your old Roster I was gonna wait for your new new one. I am though Amnesiac, making the changes to our TEAM PACKS as the the days unfold till Training Camp. This is good because we are starting early probs to you and me bro!!!

    @ Neeki

    Planning to start in a few days July 1st when Free Agency begins. I already made several changes to teams with trades so far. I found Kovalchuk on FACES.VIV an added him to the Kings and re-did his face but, no sneak peaks till after Free Agency Ends. Cool. Hopefully Ranger11 will start new Goalie Stuff and its going to be easy to put them in because we're going to continue on the one PACK we already have as soon as we know of changes then change it to 2018-2019 NHL GOALIES PACK which I can do as I am the creator of the PACKS with all of the works of his and others. This is good.

    Drew "My Boy Doughty sign a 8 year extension we have him till end of 2027 Season. WOOOOOHOOO!!! GO KINGS GO!!!!

    Neeki he is spot on EA Sports has confirmed.

    I will continue to do cyber PACKS as always. I kept all of the 2017 -2018 PACKS so it will be easy to swap. All new players for 2018-2019 Season will be made only if they are on their NHL ROSTER come October as start of Season. I already have made changes to the teams that have already made trades. I already added Ilya Kovalchuk to my Kings. As we get closer to Free Agency on July 1st. I will keep track of it and make changes every day. I do not know if a NEW MOD will be generated by V or someone else. Remember are our game can now be played with VGK thanks to me. But, it will not record in the standings. V from ELITE had PEDROS make two seasons one with VGK and one without VGK removing the Coyotes. In 2020 we will have a new team and their will be 32 teams in the NHL which will make it even harder for us when Seattle starts playing.

    But, I have a acquaintance at EA Sports I cannot produce her name at all sorry. She told me the coding and animation has changed dramatically since 2008 and they do not have the same as our game set up like in our folders in the MAIN. But, on all consoles she said they can be ripped from certain areas to MOD them for consoles. I told her is it possible to increase space on NHL 09? She said No. Due to hard coding in our game. I told her I removed one of the teams in a season and made it playable but not record-able. She said in seasons it not sufficient because 30 teams are hard coded for the NHL. Pedros from V's Elite Roster tried and still got 30. So there's the complaint I had.

    You guys know me to well and will figure it out. I am to good at this. If Amnesiac will be doing his Rosters again will do the same thing as last year. I do not know how you boys play your game but, Kings1171 (me), plays a FULL season as in real life and makes the game so realistic its like you are there. This year, ALL OF US MODDERS must start early. If we do , we can have it ready for start of Season. I will do my part. Hopefully everyone else do theirs. Neeki my man great job on all of your work and thanks to Alps ans Stamkos I did not see any black silhouettes. Maybe because I am a Kings man and just do not pay attention to other teams.

    So for me I am fine boys I was not diagnosed with the big C. Thanks Dio. I will do what I always do since 2009.

    Here's to 2018-2019 NHL as we make it on NHL 09 PC for the last 10 years.




    Bud, amazing!!! But, question these are also for Amnesiac's Roster too correct? Or just ELITE. I am sure A's are now matching as pmomo2015 gave us the art 2018 grid for his rosters. ELITE matches the FACE PLACE 2018 Excel Spreadsheet. So I think you should put A's too if you can't then put NO ROSTER where its all of them (A's, ELITE, WASSERLASSER's). See what I am trying to say. See if Neeki wants it that way too.