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Viel Spass wünscht das Team von

    Doing it now. Next team will be Minnesota. Love Minnesota, my favorite state :) Picture will be up momentarily.


    I like Minnesota too, but more as a team, since they have Eriksson Ek and Brodin which comes from my favourite team here in sweden, Färjestad :D

    Oh I didn't mean HQ lol, I meant the faces taking up more of the screen

    Ahaha I know bro ;)

    But Neeki requested it :)

    btw, I want to, once again, say thank you Neeki for understanding. I've finally got my motivation back and have been start working on the Avs.

    It's so much easier to work when I can do it my way :)

    The Avalance should be up within a few hours :)

    Alright, you can go back to the 128px. It's just an extra hassle when there's not a huge difference. I don't want you quitting the project over nothing. Just do at least one pack every week-2 weeks and you'll be fine. Some of us don't have much time, I get that :)

    Thank you my friend, for understanding :)

    There's not much of a difference, as you've said. How much longer does it take to do HQ than 128?

    It just take some minutes extra, I have to cut some edges to make it look good when I fit it, and it takes more time to fit it in on the template i am using.

    But the thing is I think it feels silly to make that extra work (even if it's not much) for something that doesn't make that much of a difference.

    It somehow suck energy from me, and that makes it harder for me to even start working.

    But as I said before, if someone want to take over and find joy in doing it, feel free. I really don't feel up for it that much anymore.

    It's so much extra work I didn't think about when i said that I would do it, like making the correct ID for EVERYONE etc.

    It's not my intention to be troublesome or anything, but I have to be honest about how I feel.

    No need to apologize bro, you have done nothing wrong ;)

    I believe since there is becoming more and more in my life, it's easier for me to feel like it's a burden too. I am very tired these days, so I guess that's part of the explaination too. But I do feel it's very picky on these forums sometimes, same on TBN. And I am an honest person, so when I don't agree with things, I say it :p

    anyway, here is a portrait I made in higher quality.

    And here is one i made in 128px:

    I really don't see much of a difference in quality to be honest. Both pictures printscreened from my game.

    Alright I'm gonna have to intervene here. Barrus, you keep on making your division and make them large. When you have time or you're bored later on in the year, you can remake Nashville and the Coyotes. You don't need to finish by Christmas, just get at least half of the teams done. I don't want StamkosFan start doing another division this year, I just want this to be a nice facepack making year, that's all. And also Stamkos, if you don't like his work, make them for yourself and just don't upload it, you can do that. No one can stop you from making something for yourself :)

    Are you serious we need to do the portraits more HQ?

    I just tried and i can barely see any difference in game from a HQ portrait and the ones made in 128px.

    I don't know, but I have had this feeling that there is so much extra work for nothing and everything have beginning to feel more like a burden than an enjoyment. Everything is so picky just for nothing. And it feels like it's not worth the extra work and time.

    :( I guess I’ll have to make it for myself

    If you wanna take over and do some teams, sure go ahead. It doesn't matter for me really who makes them. I realized a division has more teams than i first thought anyway, so idk how to be finished before christmas anyway.

    But please keep away from Avalance, since I have their roster here now :)

    No worries mate, I'll just continue on whatever team u throw at me. Avs is fine :)

    What I mean is that I wont stretch the portraits (so they look zoomed in, if you understand me) as Stamkos requested.

    But sure I can make them 256x256 instead 128x128. But the portrait wont look bigger in game.

    Hope I made myself clear, I am tired again and i have a hard time making sense of what I write, lol :)

    Okay, my computer is fixed and I am back!

    As you probably already understand, it's hard for me to find time doing the facepacks, it's so much in my life going on.

    But I will continue tomorrow and/or on sunday.

    Though I have decided not to make the faces bigger in the picture as i agreed to before. I will do them as I have made them this far.

    The idea was for us to do a division each, right? I now realized I have made one team (Arizona) from pacific, and one team (Nashville) from central :/

    So with what team should I proceed? It doesn't matter for me, as long everyone will be made.

    Anyway, Neeki , if you wanna put up print screen on next team, I will start work on it ASAP.

    Hey guys...

    Just wanna say I am at a friend's house now, over the night.

    Unfortunately I have got a blue screen on my computer and I will go back with it to the store on monday.

    Hopefully they can fix it pretty fast. I just wanted you to know, I will not be able to be online for some days now.

    I am going home tomorrow, and I will not have access to the internet until I get my computer back. (hopefully some day next week ,but idk really when.)

    If anyone wishes to continue on my division with facepacks during these days, feel free to do so :)

    Take care anyone, I wish you all the best until next time I log on :)