NHL's 65 cybers 1.0.0

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With which roster is the AddOn compatible?
Elite Roster
Who created the AddOn?
68_Jagr, Ar79, Benny, chechoo18, frOsgun55, Kings1171, Kudesnik, Mokrov, Niknayt, Pep21, Porchy, ranger11, serga, Senators96, StevenStamkos91, slaventous, Spidey,Tyson12, zidane110

65 cyberfaces for the NHL, goalkeepers equipments basically the suit to the season 2018-19, numbers of cyberfaces coincide to the Elite roster.

NHL's 65 cybers

Many thanks to all the authors! Special thanks to Senators96 for fixing some cybers!

Authors of cybers:

68_Jagr, Benny, chechoo18, frOsgun aka frOsgun55, Kudesnik, Mokrov, Niknayt, Porchy aka Wiz Khalifa aka Dr. Dre, Senators96, StevenStamkos91, Tyson12.

Authors of goalies equipments and masks:

Ar79 aka Ark, Kings1171, Pep21, ranger11, serga, Senators96, slaventous aka slava, Spidey, zidane110.








  • Version 1.0.0

  • please create Linus Videll cyber face

  • Quality cybers, finally can see Blueger on the NHL 09 ice too :D. Thanks <3

  • Player ID'sPLS

  • I respect your work!