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Confused about addons for 2021-22 teams/rosters

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  • Hi everyone. First, thank you so much for all this amazing content, I'm humbled to see how much is contributed here and I hope to eventually be able to contribute something myself.

    New to here, but a longtime player of the NHL games. After a few years hiatus, having the Kraken arrive here in Seattle has excited me to play again, so I've just purchased NHL 09 for PC.

    Perhaps I've been mistaken, but I thought I saw a youtube video showing NHL 09 modded to have current teams and rosters, including the Knights and the Kraken, so I got really excited to figure out how to make this happen. I've been reading about the various mods here and so far I've installed the Toolbox and the Elite roster by Vojghi.

    However, I'm confused about how to go about putting the Kraken and Golden Knights on my game, or if that's even possible at this time. I found a thread about the Kraken Arena, but unless I overlooked something, it appears that's not yet available for download.

    Is there a way to include the Kraken and Knights on the game, and with correct rosters, or have I misunderstood? I know I could have easily been confused. I've watched a lot of different videos of various games recently, to help me decide which version I wanted to purchase.

    Cheers and thanks in advance for any help you can give a silly new guy..

  • Yes. They have been added as a custom team for Amnesiac's Roster and Elite Roster. You need to get NHLView. Once you do let us know and will guide you through. But, sadly they cannot be added as 32 teams only 30.

    GO KINGS GO!!!


    Community member of TBN since 2012 (Contributor)

    Wasserlasser community member since 2015 (Contributor)

    "Still making NHL 2009 as great as ever"8o8)

  • Yes teams like Vegas, Seattle, Bakersfield, Kunlun and other teams which they have been usually added into leagues later are placed as custom teams because of the hard-coded limit of the game.

    In exhibition mode just change leagues to Custom and you will see them. In dynasty mode or season mode you can change for example team Arizona for team Vegas.

  • Dear Kings1171, thank you so much for your reply!

    I remember reading somewhere that it's limited to 30 teams. That's a bummer but it's understandable, and there are a couple of teams I could replace without crying over it.

    Anyhow, I have now downloaded NHLView, and I will await instruction.

  • Okay good. What platform MOD are you using? ELITE or Amnesiac's or Wasserlasser. I personally use ELITE.

    1. Open NHLView and open the database (it should detect it automatically). Do not start a season without doing this first.

    2. Move all additionals players to regulars players for each NHL team and set them as minors players. Only if you have players in additionals.

    3. For all NHL teams, change the league to Custom, then save. Make sure you save each and every time. Also make sure Seattle and VGK are custom.

    4. Run the game, choose game modes, then season, type NHL and new. League Type : NHL21

    5. Change the settings if you want to and press enter. Not necessary but, if you want do it now.

    6. Make sure that the number of user teams is set to 30. Make sure its 30.

    7. Now for each team put your mouse on it, select substitute team, select the NHL team you want to swap and click on it again. Due to the fact that both custom made teams are in the Pacific. Remove 1 or 2 from the Pacific 5 teams to either Seattle or VGK. (I personally would remove 1 and that is Arizona).

    8. Begin the season. It will not be exactly as the real season ever. But, you can fix it in NHLView as best as you can on Schedule Tab.

    9. Exit the game, open NHLview again, and set the NHL teams back to NHL and save. Make sure to save each and every time.

    10. Run the game, load the season, choose your own user team and play.

    You can now play in a season or in exhibition mode with VGK and Seattle.


    What I would do right now is get 2017-2018 ELITE ROSTER and ADD-ONS by going to Splinterice then come here and go and get all the new stuff in FILE BASE. Much of it is made by me as I have be here since 2015. Just look for my username as I am a GRANDMASTER here but retired as a MODDER. Cybers/Arenas/Horns/Chants/Music/and extras. There are many things to add by many creators. It is up to you what you want to include.

    Have fun!

    GO KINGS GO!!!


    Community member of TBN since 2012 (Contributor)

    Wasserlasser community member since 2015 (Contributor)

    "Still making NHL 2009 as great as ever"8o8)

  • Hi Kings1171, thank you so much for taking the time to help me, this all seems a bit complex to me right now and I would be completely helpless on my own.

    Before I try all those steps in your message above, I really should have stated my goals more clearly in my first post.. I've never been interested in the exhibition or season modes. I've always used EA's NHL games for each edition's version of "dynasty mode". While in dynasty mode, I play some of the games along the way, but where I get the most enjoyment is building a dynasty over several seasons. The aspects of drafting and trading, signing free agents, and building a decade of championships, would always be more important than having my favorite team to use for a game or a season.

    So aim is toward dynasty mode with the Kraken, and with the roster/jerseys/logos/arenas as close to real life as possible. Will I have this option after following your guide above?

    Thanks again for your time, it is extremely appreciated.

  • Yes you can play dynasty mode with Seattle. If you do not insist on “correct” divisions and conferences you can skip this instruction and just change for example Arizona to Seattle in select team menu of dynasty and you can play.

    I recommend you downloading ELITE ADDONS 2020-2021 then ELITE ROSTER 2021-2022, Localization Files 2021-2022 and Seattle arena from download center.

  • Thanks Vojghi, I'll keep those files in mind too.

    Actually a user messaged me last night and shared his setup with me, which I'm using now and is working great. Before that, I was having all sorts of problems, ices distorting and turning sideways, which I tried using the Toolbox instructions to fix ices but it wasn't working. I'm just not advanced enough to be able to troubleshoot effectively with this stuff. Anyhow, thanks to that user last night, everything is fine now. (not sure if he wants to be mentioned or not)

    Anyhow thanks so much to all of you here who make and upload these modifications and addons. I will try to donate something to your payals, as I really appreciate this community keeping NHL games playable.

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