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  • So hi guys, I decided to move to Splinterice.com and here from TBN. On TBN my nickname was Sisko311 . On TBN i created some goalies masks for NHL, World Cup 2016 Arena, menu with NHL "number" font and players, I started College Hockey NCAA project where I done Harvard, Michigan and North Dakota University and thats all probably.

    So here is my first addon for Wasserlasser and Splinterice community (it was already released on TBN but it was deleted due of upload old backup files of site)

    Vegas Golden Knights Arena - T-Mobile Arena OUTDATED



    Special thanks to Y&D for fixing Vegas banner mirror bug

    What's new in version 2?

    -updated flags

    -new roof banners

    -regular season boards

    -updated scoreboard

    Arena Features:


    -70% arena authentic

    -black seats and fences

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  • Hi . I wounder where can i download the Vegas golden knight jersey ? .

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