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    Ok. I don't get it... Is there or not?

    What do you mean by "He didn't release it last year but everything was updated", seems paradoxical... didn't released but at the same time everything was updated, hu?! sorry makes little sense to me, but that's allright.

    I'll try doing it by my own.


    Ok, no problem.. thanks for the reply.

    Not a big deal, actually. However, what about the Vegas Golden Knights ?!! are there some jerseys/stuff around to download?

    it's nice that you've created them, but it's useless without gear and ice imo.


    Hi all,

    Big thanks to amnesiac for the great roster, really enjoying it!

    Just a question: are there some jerseys available for your created teams (Team Gretzky & Orr, in particular)?!?

    I know you will answer: "Do it yourself..." ..but I don't have that knowledge.

    Thank you


    Ok I installed the goal horns via the Toolbox (putting the files in the right folders first)

    And, I tried with the Canadiens... but it seems to be the one from Anaheim?!?! at least the song afterwards ("Oh Oh Oh OOOOH" and not the "Aller, Montréal, Aller")

    Is it because I have the wrong ID numbers or something? (I use amnesiac roster, it's listed as compatible...)

    or, is it just because it is not possible to do team goal song?!? so they play randomly from other teams :(



    So, could you pls tell me? Do the 2 sfx files go into:



    NHL09>audio>sfx>streams>sfx.ast or NHL09>audio>sfx>RAM>sfx.abk

    and then without the Toolbox (because there is no "Sound" category in it, which .bat should I run? none?)

    Yes, we discussed in another thread, but I felt here was the right place to ask this detail of location..

    Thank you!

    Yes, that's allright :D and with german you had a (much) greater chance to pick the "right" one...

    Ok, yes I understand how to backup my files. Sorry to insist: What about installing your roster on my modified game? just the rosters wont modify all the jerseys, icepack, usw.. so it should work, or you can't really tell?

    Ah and last question (I swear), I downloaded your goal horns (ft. Kings), put them in the main folder and run the toolbox. but nothing happened (there seems to be no "Goal Horn" category in the toolbox) So how should I install them? put them in the audio folder? run BHimport?!? there are only the two 'sfx' files...

    Thank you!


    OK, thanks for your fast reply as usual. (we not only speak german in switzerland, but no problem. I'll answer in english, though)

    Yes, I made a simple "copy-paste" backup of the NHL09 folder and the one in MyDocuments, too... is it different doing it through the Toolbox?! (great tool btw)

    Anyway, I have to install your roster on a fresh&clean NHL09 game in any case??? What happens if I install it on my current state? if anything goes wrong, I can copy my folders back, right?

    Thank you again



    me again...

    I'd have a question regarding Rosters. I finally installed amnesiac's one, sorry ;) on a clean NHL09 install. So that you understand where I am at, I installed some addons such as:

    - NHL JERSEY PATCH (NJP) SD, by Demoul

    - NHL 1617 SD, by Demoul

    - Full NHL Icepack 16 (SD), by Jason King

    - Scoreclocks: NBCSports Broadcast Graphics 2015, by Drezz (update: NHL Logos for NBCSN Scoreclock 2017)

    - Goalies Pack 2016 (update: 2017 Goalies Mini-Pack #1 and #2)

    - Captain Mazda's Realistic NHL 09 Ditty Pack

    - Boards 2015, by Drezz(?)

    Everything's working like a charm, the game is perfect!

    Now, I must say I am missing the NLA (I'm swiss), so I consider installing your Roster wasserlasser... and then the NLA jerseys.

    The question is: will it mess everything?!? or is it possible to "revert" to other rosters, without re-installing all the addons mentioned. Are there some compatibility issues? if yes, are they somehow adjustable in NHLview maybe?

    Thank you for your help!


    Hello Wasserlasser

    First of all, thanks a lot for your work that's pretty amazing.

    I appreciated you updated the rosters for 2017 as well as providing a full NHL jersey pack... so I grabbed them and installed them but I noticed some issues, like:

    - are all jerseys up-to-date? Dallas for example, and some other are the (really) old ones... others seem to work (Tampa Bay, Edmonton, to cite some that changed these last years, or at least between the release of the game in 2008 and now)

    - where are the player pictures, they dont show... are they in a separate pack than the roster?

    - same with team logos, do I have to import them differently? they're still the old ones...

    - and where is the NLA? I can't find it when I select a team...

    To help you understand what could be the problem, here is what I did:

    * Install clean version of the game, on Windows 7-64 bits

    (Check that it works, yes!)

    * Then I downloaded your files (Roster 38.0 and Jersey Pack 1.0)

    - I also took all the Tools needed, i.e your 'NHL Toolbox'

    (as well as the BhImport, add-on Installer, ModifyFaces09 and stuff from thebreakaway, as I first tried to mod looking over there).

    * Put them all in the game main folder

    * So, unzip the roster-files in the NHL09 folder and then run your tool

    (seems to work, as the files are then located int the right place, the exhibition in "MyDocuments/NHL09" folder, the rest where it should be, too)

    * Start the game to check, players are in the right team (Subban in Nashville for example, to quickly check)

    * Now the jerseys. Did the same process, put the files in the main folder then run your toolbox

    (it tells me 'abgeschlossen' so it should be ok, the green tick appears in front of Jersey and other)

    * I guessed it was installed, but in the game the jerseys are not all updated!

    ...and then the NLA, player pictures and logos problem I don't know why it doesn't work either.

    Could you please help me out if you have some time

    Ah, and my game is in english, if maybe that's the issue... I tried changing to german but without luck.

    Anyway, thank you so much in advance!