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    Last night, I was playing an exhibition game between 2 AHL teams. I was playing the visitors. After a tie in regulation, and a tie after 4-4 overtime, it went to a shootout. There were a full ten rounds of shootout with no one scoring. As the last shot was blocked, the game crashed to the desktop. I have not ever had a shoot out go this far. I have lost in the third round of shootouts. Is this a known bug, or just a weird glitch?

    I thought that since I asked about help with getting my AHL team change complete, I would show what I have attempted, I have to thank all the template makers who made this a little easier. I wanted to keep the basic design and logo of the WHA Chicago Cougars. I spent two seasons at the Chicago Amphitheater paying hardly anything to get in and sitting just about anywhere I wanted to. At one time, I had a game worn jersey from Pat "Whitey" Stapleton. So, I decided to relive those day

    Here's the scenario...instead of being called the Chicago Wolves, they were named the Chicago Cougars (adopted from the old WHA). However, I have had problems with converting the graphics. I designed the uniform to resemble the WHA uniform. Each step along the way, I loaded the game and everything was starting to work correctly. Then, when I edited the frontEnglish and gameEnglish files, I started having troubles. The Choose Team screen is blank instead of team name. The matchup screen also does not show the team name. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    I am working on a custom jersey that requires a different color of letters not currently available. Is there a batch file to export the letters out of the .fsh files and import them back? Or is the only way to do each letter separately?

    I hope to develop a number of fantasy jerseys based on the what if more WHA teams joined the NHL back in the day. So I have as many as 12 jerseys to do, so a way to automate the export and import of letters would be helpful.

    Chgo Wolves Fan
    Cougar White.bmp

    Okay, I have to be doing something incorrectly. I've got the 2017-2018 goalie pack and Wasserlasser roster. EVERY NHL goalie has default white equipment. I saw a post saying that I had to make sure every goalie was listed as using default equipment. So I opened NHL View and made sure every NHL goalie was default. But it still doesn't seem to matter. I even reset everything to the plain "as installed" NHL 09. I reinstalled the roster, reinstalled the goalie pack. And I still had default white equipment. What am I doing wrong?

    I am attempting to get rid of the default white mask and pads worn by Maxima Lagace of the Chicago Wolves. I am using Wasserlasser's latest roster. I was going to extract the fsh file from faces.viv, But I can't seem to find him. When I check his ID number in NHL View, it tells me his photo is 8563. But I can't seem to find him.

    So I decided to check Mark-Andre Fluery's mask and pads. Using the Goalie Packs, I can't find him either. Is here an updated list with current players (even just NHL) and their Face I.D.'S somewhere. Somehow, people have been able to connect face id's with players. Can I get a little help, please?

    Chgo Wolves Fan.

    As someone who enjoys college hockey, I look forward to this whole project. I would offer to assist, but I doubt my skills are even halfway good enough to do the quality work you are showing.

    Chgo Wolves Fan.

    Thank you, I have things working now. All I need to do is remember how to play well. I played at the settings I had been playing and was defeated soundly. I guess it's going to take more practice.

    I discovered in my files, I have a copy of the WHA mod. That mod installs 20 teams from the WHA from 1972-1979 over the Russian league. At one time, I used it to obtain the Chicago Cougars uniforms, letters, numbers, helmets and other to replace the Chicago Wolves with the Cougars in the AHL. If anyone is interested in the full WHA mod, I could upload it. Let me know.

    I discovered that the problem seems to be that I don't have the correct models for the boards (Or Ice for that matter) to display correctly. When I install the board mods, I get the double ads like above. However, when I reset to the unmodded game, the .fsh files are the older ones. The ice is 1024x1024 and the boards have only half the number of spaces for ads.

    When I install the Chicago Wolves Ice download, It's all wrong. When I install the AHL arena, I get double ads. I am definitely missing something. I appreciate all the hard work that people have put into updating this game. I just want to be able to play it with a little better graphics.

    I have a question regarding the way the Toolbox works. Do I put the add-ons into the NHL 09 Main folder, or the NHL09/Toolbox folder or NHL09/Toolbox/Files folder? It seems that I have forgotten much of what I learned on modding NHL09. But then, I have forgotten much of what I learned in a lot of other areas too. ?(


    Thank you for reinstating my account. I have been out of commission for quite some time with some rather serious health issues. Now, after getting back home from the hospital and rehabilitation nursing home, I am back and intend to be more active again. Having been out out the loop, I will need to take a look at what's going on before I jump in and embarrass myself.

    But I will shed some tears over the fact that for the first time since 1969 the NHL playoffs won't have a team named the Blackhawks or Red WIngs involved. How the mighty have fallen.