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    Is there any sort of .bat or automation process to speed up the importing process of letters and numbers?

    I have the template and use the splitter, but importing some 30 letters and 20 numbers per jersey is way too many mouse clicks.

    Much appreciate the help!

    Kane98 when I have the full mod done that I've been working on (all 60 college teams), would you be okay if I uploaded it, crediting you? I have reworked the teams to replace both NHL & AHL (+1 SHL since I was one short).

    Sry, but i hadn´t understand what you want to do. Do you want to change only the ID or the complete order of NHL teams in alphabetical order. That will be a lot of work, because you habe not to change Arizona in 1, you have to change all ID´s upward other teams. An other way may be to change Winnipeg´s ID from 2 to 29 and Arizona from 22 to 2. So you have to change only the teams upwards 22 to 28 (example Pittsburgh now 22, St. Louis 23 up to Washington 28).

    Is it that, what you mean???

    Yes, if that means the teams show up in alphabetical order. I am fine if I have to do a lot of work. What application do I need to use to do that?

    I see there very good work from pasha13 and phatkroger10 . It is good you guys are trying to keep mod updated. I retired from addon-making last year, but I created some addons in last year fall and this year spring. Currently, I don't have time to finish NCAA 20. I completed all jerseys for season 2018-19, in march I planned to make torfs but nobody who has Adidas Torf template was not able to send me it. I asked Demoul but he doesn't have this template, then I asked DenisJulia from splinterice, but he ignored my message.

    So I decided there is one way. I can upload whole folder of my NCAA works (all 4 years of work). There are hundreds of templates, new and fixed jerseys for every team, new numbers and letters (with templates), all ices (with templates), all logos and some documentations. Problem is, this folder is about 17 GB big and I don't have free space on Google Drive so I don't know where to upload it.

    Any of the sites pasha13 mentioned are great. also gives you 50 gb free. That one is quite reputable.

    Could someone point me in the direction of how to change the ID #s as they are displayed in NHL View? Not looking to change anything like the associated art, string ID, or abbreviation, just want to reorganize my teams into an alphabetical order.


    Coyotes are normally 22 since they were 'Phoenix', but rearrange them so they display as 1, 'Arizona' showing up in proper alphabetical order.

    I've been working on a few mods for additional features of college hockey teams. I encourage you to check out Kane98 's NCAA Hockey Legacy mod. These are some of my own creations to supplement some of the NCAA Hockey Legacy team's already great work!

    Kane98 & redfury91 - please feel free to use any of my works in expanding your mod. I am happy to collaborate.

    Credit: McTemplate jersey template, demoul's torf template and gloves template.

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to mass edit my NHL roster, but haven't found a way to do it.

    To give you context, I'm trying to create a generic roster where all first names are their position and surnames are their jersey number. Example: C #9, LW #7, RW #16, G #35, etc. In addition to that, also looking to have all players play-by-play and cyberface as 0.

    I can export all players to a CSV and make the changes there, but haven't found a way to import them back in.

    Much appreciated!

    While many of these probably fall into the average to poor range, here's a few of my jerseys that I had fun with. I still have all the PSD files.

    Disclaimers: I sell insurance and this is purely a hobby. Some of these works are from the first time I ever used Photoshop or modded a game. Not an expert now, but you can definitely tell what are older works vs new works.

    My work is definitely not nearly as good as yours, but I have quite a bit of files I can share with you. I've been slowly working on my own college hockey project for about... sigh... 8 years now, but was shamed into not sharing it on TBN.

    I'd be happy to help with my spare time and even work on some of the other teams not in your pack. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread, but please shoot me a pm if you want me to upload everything to a Google Drive for you.