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    Barrus , did you reinstall the game or got faces.viv from the DVD ? If so, did you have hex-edited the file before installing cybers ?

    If I remember correctly this must be done once otherwise cybers will not be installed.

    I just formated my PC a week ago or so. Then I installed NHL09 from the DVD. After that i copied my backed up folders (with modded cybers etc.) to main NHL directory and ran Bhimport.

    The game worked fine, it have always worked for me by doing this procedure. The modded cybers are there in the game.

    But a few days after this, I tried to add more cybers by open the viv files and import the ebo's and fsh's.And then run Bhimport. But this time it didn't work for me :( It all got messed up as i explained.

    I have never needed to hex-edit any files to get the mods to work, just import files into viv-files and then run bhimport. And it have always worked. But not this last time :(

    I don't even know how to hex edit files...

    So that''s the strange thing about this, it worked just a week ago, but a few days later when i was gonna install some more cybers, it didn't work anymore.

    So please tell me what I need to do in order to install these new cybers, (step-by-step) since I've never needed to do it this way before.

    Okay, so something weird happend this friday when my friend came over to play NHL with me...

    As I already told you, some cybers were messed up, and playing with VGK made the game crash.

    SO, we were aware of that and started playing, thinking we could live with the messed up cybers for now.

    But then we realized all the cybers were back to how they were BEFORE I installed the new ones. Shawn Lalonde had his old cyber back, looked just like normal. And all the others too. And we could even play with Vegas.

    Everything was somehow reseted to how it was BEFORE I installed the new cybers, and I can't tell how... I starting to believe my PC has AI or something =O

    So anyway... If i wanna install the new cybers now. Should I only put the .ebo's and .fsh's into the NHL09 directory and run the toolbox.exe file? And everything should be fine?

    If that's so... does it matter where i have the toolbox.exe file located when running it?

    Sorry for all the beginner questions, I have never installed cybers this way before..

    I don't know, if there need step by step guide. It's always been simple - put files ( jersey, cyber, facepack fsh files ) in NHL09 folder, run Addon Installer.bat after that BHimport.bat.

    Thanks! That's all the step by step I needed :)

    I will try re-install maybe tomorrow. A friend is coming over soon and we will drink beer and play NHL tonight. I don't wanna risk any more problems before that, by reinstall now.

    We'll play with messed up cybers and without Vegas in the meantime :)

    Thank you again, I will update after I tried this tomorrow :)

    First uninstall game, than install clean NHL09, run once, because game needs created NHL09 folder in your user documents. After that, i think, you can copy gamedata, fe, preload folders from your back up, but only if these files are not corrupted. And i never used toolbox, i prefer good old Addon installer.bat and BHimport.bat method.

    Okay, my back up folder is not corrupted, it worked the last time I installed it (a few days ago). It was when I wanted to install these new cybers everything got messed up.

    Can you please walk me through, step by step how to install with addoninstaller.bat and bhimport.bat? It was ages ago I used addoninstaller.bat, and I don't want to do any mistakes to mess it up even more...

    Thank you for your time mate :)

    All your problems start with - C:\Program Files (x86). Never install games in C:\Program Files (x86). Install on other drive or at least not in program files folder, install on C:\Games or C:\NHL09.

    Open your NHL09/preload folder, your files must look similar like this -

    If you have files like ~faudio04.viv, ~fmisc04.viv and other files with sign ~, that's mean, every time, when you run bhimport, these files are used in another program ( maybe in NHLview, Biggui or other ). I recommend reinstall your NHL09 and install it on different hard drive.

    Okay, I have files named with ~ ...

    If I reinstall the whole game, can I copy my whole backup NHL-folder (with the gamedata, fe, preload folder etc) into C/GamesNHL09 folder and just run toolbox?

    Or do I have to manually extract ALL the fsh, ebo and big files from my backup folder's viv-files and but them in the new NHL09 folder, and then run toolbox?

    Hope you understand what I mean, I wrote so messy, sorry.

    Ok first of all, thank you for answering :)

    Second of all, i think this is very strange, I have been updating my NHL in the same way for all years, so I believe I know what I am doing. It worked only a few days ago. But now it's not, I can't undesrtand why :(

    Do you mean I should re-install my whole NHL game before trying with toolbox? Or can I try to put my .ebo and .fsh-files in the NHL folder and run toolbox now, without re-installing the whole game first?

    Hope my questions make sense. I am sacared of doing it this way, since I've never done it before.

    So I just imported some new cybers by open faces.viv and imported some .ebo and fsh-files.

    Some cybers from Greg88's new pack (Backstrom, E. Pettersson, Debrincat, James Neal etc.) And also Shawn Lalone from some DEL cyber-pack i found here on the site recently.

    Backstrom has new cyber, but the eyes are off, looks just like it's the wrong ebo or something.

    Shawn Lalonde's new cyber look like a "standard" cyber (you know the ones that used when the player doesnt really have a cyber) with totally wrong ebo.

    And when i start a game with Vegas Golden Knights (where I have James Neal) - the game crashes before i get into the arena.

    I also imported cyber and gears for columbus goalie Korpisalo, but he has just default gears and cyber in game.

    The Elias Pettersson cyber looked just correct though.

    And after i run bhimport i see this:


    It says critical: can't rename... yeah u see what it says.

    So many different errors for different players. Why is it like this?

    Ofcourse I have a backup from before I installed these cybers, and when I saw this probem, I tried to install my backup files, to reset all the messed up cybers.

    But ofcourse the error message in bhimport appears again and I still have the same problem with messed up cybers and crash when trying to play with Vegas.

    What can I do to solve the problem?

    Please help me :(

    Nice! James Neal really need an update. The cyber I have for him now, he looks like a 12 year old xD

    Jonas Brodin could also need an update, If you wanna do him too. He looks like a 6 year old xD