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NHL 09

For the first time ever you can play yourself in NHL 09. With the new Be Pro feature, you can create yourself and your own unique hockey identity, step on the ice and experience the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced game. Even more compelling is the Hall of Fame mode, where you're drafted and work your way up from the AHL to the NHL, before finally being inducted into the Hall of Fame. With the expanded Skill Stick and retro NHL 94 controls, NHL 09 is the most complete, intuitive, and accessible hockey gaming experience ever.


* European Leagues and Russian League - To ensure an authentic and comprehensive global ice hockey experience, NHL includes 09 Dynasty modes for the official Swedish, Finnish, Czech, German and even Russian league.

* Extended Skill Stick - Hit the gate with one-handed feint, shield the puck, make attacks and "dump and chase" moves. Dominate the defense with Sweeping Poke-Checks and the new "Raise Sticks" feature.

* Be a Pro - Create yourself and become an NHL superstar. Your coaches rate you in over 50 categories as you try to get your own hockey card and get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

* EA Sports Hockey League - Go online with your created player. Create a game with five friends and play 6 vs. 6 against teams from around the world. Win the first EASHL Cup and become an online superstar!

* NHL 94 control - Just like in your memory: A two-button control that is mastered by everyone. Check, pass, shoot and hit NHL experts.

* Media Hub - Show the world your skills. Download your best highlights on EA Sports World. Take screenshots for yours

Own hockey card. Use your own music in every arena during the team intros, after goals and on other occasions.

* Online registration required !!

* Speech output in English, screen text and manual in German.


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