2017 NHL Goal Horns by Kings1171 & Wasserlasser

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  • Ok I installed the goal horns via the Toolbox (putting the files in the right folders first)

    And, I tried with the Canadiens... but it seems to be the one from Anaheim?!?! at least the song afterwards ("Oh Oh Oh OOOOH" and not the "Aller, Montréal, Aller")

    Is it because I have the wrong ID numbers or something? (I use amnesiac roster, it's listed as compatible...)

    or, is it just because it is not possible to do team goal song?!? so they play randomly from other teams :(



  • Boy you folks are having a hell of a time with this. DO NOT INSTALL till Wasserlasser gets to Germany to see was is wrong okay. There are no long songs after the horn. We could not include the long songs. My wav to asf's were too big for EA Sports. So I changed the sfx.ast and the fe.ast to match, I removed all other sounds but, it did not work it crashed fast as soon as the home scorded, so Wasserlasser shorten all the horns with a slight song and stop. It is compatible with all ROSTERS I use all them. Mine last a full 8-12 seconds which he made and freaking amazing by the way. The originals were 40 to 20 seconds. It had to be done because it was way to big. My file was 115,286,548,813 (that right 115 billion in file space) not even one viv file contained that. So be patient and the wizard Wasserlasser will work his magic. Okay! GO KINGS GO!!! Can't wait for Elite Roster 2017-18 then insert Wasserlaser Rosters, and tweak it with Amensiac's during the season as it gets closer.