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    So you're currently stating. That you can extract the lets say for argument sake, the Rangers from amnesiacs roster and put them (import) on your NHL 08 default or amnesiac's 09 version. What you could do is just extract every team from the rar file with amnesiac in it so it won't take it out of the actual file because if it's a rar it won't save what you did to the file, unless you update the files in the rar.

    Glad you found a fix!

    Today (yesterday, forgot to post it, 7/14/17 is the actual date) marks my 1 year anniversary on this site. It's been a heck of a ride, between making friends, helping others, and contributing to the site with all my skills, I couldn't be more pleased with how my first year went! Thanks to all of you who've been here with me since Day 1, and who appreciate me and my work! :thumbup:

    These people deserve recognition from my first year!







    Thanks WaLa for this amazing modding site, best site in the world.

    Which rosters have you tried to load in. Try amnesiac's. I believe when you do amnesiacs, you have to run BHimport09_with_IDX. Try not to destroy your game using this method, back it up because it isn't BHimport08_with_IDX. Do you know if there's any NHL 08 modding sites where people are dedicated to it. I know 04 and 09 have active modders. Maybe try to get a roster for YOUR game.

    Greetings to the site! Have a great day :)

    You've always been one to help out no matter what I need.

    1. With Photoshop you took your time out of your day to upload your Photoshop and to type up that paragraph, and now, going into Season 18-19, I can make facepacks for everyone to use.

    2. With the streams folder, you uploaded all 3 files, but more importantly, the 130-150MB file, which does take time to do.

    3. But most importantly, you're very respectful, upbeat (mostly), and you care, you don't do things half-ass (excuse my language). We need more Barrus' in the world. Haha, enjoy your night man (if it's night for you), and keep it mind, I appreciate the things you do on this site, keep it up!

    Thanks man, I didn't find anything that you've editing, so it's the original. Again thanks senators96 and Barrus :)

    I've noticed that the original music is very nostalgic so I felt as if I needed it back in my game :)

    I don't have the NHL 09 disc, I have a digital copy from Origin. I don't feel like re-downloading 3gb for 1 file that I know for sure someone has. Do you happen to have it or do the process yourself and send it to me? Thanks for your help!

    Badger08 What you could do, is upload the files to and allow people to download from there. Or upload the files to through "Send as link". It could take long but I guess it's worth it. I don't feel quite comfortable just giving away my house address to just anyone online, I trust you, but I don't really KNOW you, you know what I mean? I realize you haven't opened yet so I'm not sure if you just wanna do this. It's just an idea!

    I was editing music in NHL 09 and I broke the file. Anyone have an original streams.dat from NHL 09/Audio/Streams/streams.dat

    Remember I want a streams.dat that was has been untouched by NHL 06 Streams Editor.

    Thanks whoever has this, much appreciated :)

    I saw that if you go to the Display Arena link on the left taskbar, and if you go to any arena, where it is supposed to say capacity, it says Kapazität. Anyway to convert this to English? It's not a big problem for me, but it would look nicer with English! You know what I mean? I'm just reminding you like you asked :)

    As I forgot to mention that you just had the test last month with the big C, so you might be feeling a little off. Let's put this in the past! Let's get these files updated in the filebase!

    I've just realized that Kings can sometimes be arrogant. I agree that, him being one of the first members on this site, it can almost feel like you're like the admin of the site. But it doesn't matter, new or old, you gotta respect them, just like you do to Wala, me, and ranger11, and everyone else you're close friends with here. Saying stuff like "stick it up your rear" is just outright ludicrous in any circumstance and also an unwritten common sense rule on the site. We're good friends so let's not let this arrogant-like content get in between us but, know we all still love your work and there would be no cyberfaces for next year, or even this year without your help. Besides all of this, EA is a great company, however, I am quite disappointed that they keep blacking out the entire media and fanbase of PC gamers for the past TEN YEARS!!! You know the annual playoff tradition, Winnipeg Whiteout? EA's doing their annual EA Blackout. If EA doesn't get their shit together by the next 1-2 years, they can go take their sales and go stick up their rear. Madden will be their test-run for PC porting. If the sales bomb, they won't even think about porting NHL, let alone NBA Live. So to everyone on this site, make sure to purchase Madden when it's cheap, even if you don't even want to play it. I do believe I am yes, contradicting my previous post by saying "I agree (to what Kings said to the rookie), we're the GRANDMASTERS in charge." I take it back OhYeah55 , but you're literally saying this on a site that was all started by a chain reaction of events, starting with them creating this game. Nine days from now will mark my 1 year anniversary on this site, and it's been one heck of a ride, between making friends, helping others, and contributing to the site with all my skills. Thanks to all of you who've been here with me since Day 1, and who appreciate me and my work! Have a great day to all, and have a great night :D