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Help Moding Images for NHL 2001

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  • Hey Everyone

    Been having lots of fun playing the modded NHL09 with all the amazing files on this site.

    I want to mod NHL 2001. Want to re-create the 1987 Canada Cup.

    I have tried EA Graphic Editor and another FSH Editor program with BIGGUI.

    The images always save low res and in terrible colours. They also do not display in game.

    Not sure if its a compatibility issue as I am running Windows 10.

    Not sure if anyone has a quick walk-through/tutorial they can share?

    Thanks in advance!

  • To my knowledge there is no tutorial on how to edit images in NHL 2001, all the changes I make come from memories of when I made the first changes 20 years ago.

    All images must be 256 colors maximum, otherwise they will be rejected or misinterpreted by the game. Many of them must also have a color that is interpreted by the game as "transparency". This color can be indicated by us when creating the image.

    The last tip I can also give is that unlike NHL 09 I'm not sure if the BIGGUI fsh editor is compatible with such an old game. The procedure I usually use is to extract a sample image with EA Graphic Editor or NHL Info which I then modify in an image editor and reload with the same system I used to extract it.

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