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NHL09 - NHL20 (Full Game Modded) Release ! Info !

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  • Hello my name is MrEvoo, few days back. I did not know anything about "NHL" modding, before this i' was working on GTA 5 FiveM Servers, also know C++ , HTML, JavaScript.

    So i wanted to see what exacting NHL has to give, because as we know, "PC" players doesnt even have good NHL game, all we have is tons of mods, with bugs,errors. and dont get me wrong there is so so good mods, but its hard to find them, and there is a lot of them.

    So i decided that i will be learning hard, and tomorrow will be graphicly designing new interface for my NHL 20 (Full Game). Im exictied to work on this project, because im BIG Hockey fan ,and i really want this to succeed.!!! :)

    I will be releasing my own NHL 09 Full Game Mod. With (custom interface) and NHL/KHL/AHL/SHL/DEL/ etc Roosters up to date, Newest HD Shaders, and 1080p, 2K, 4K Screen support. With 3D Crowd, and HD Nets, All HD Faces, Quality Sounds, HD Arenas, HD Boards, All-Up date Jerseys, Torfs etc etc., Also will include newest (Custom Mod Import Files) which i will be coding my self, i already look at the code, so i will make my own adjustments and make it even better.

    - prety much im working right now on custom NHL 09 (NHL 20 Full Moded Game) , with mods inside, so people dont need to re-download every mod. (Of course there will be (Custom Mod IMPORT files ,so anyone is free to change some mods)

    - Release Date: (Hoping to finnish ) February 20 (Im not alone, have friend helping me with Graphical stuff.)

    Wanted to Inform people, so there something good coming up. ! <3

    Will post some updates, till we're finnished.!

  • UPDATE: I will make 2 separate (Mods)

    1. NHL 09 (Full Game with Custom NHL 20 Mods inside)

    2. NHL 20 (all Mods in rar files, with Instructions on install, and install orderd.)

    There is always peoples who dont like download full games + if its cracked. So if anyone using CD version, i will be adding Modded files on RAR files, :)

  • are you using the modded game file I sent you ???

    absolutely no. (Game Files will be EA Original , and if there will be any FILES Which is created by someone i will Credit them) but im trying to make the Mod as Clean as possible with my own hands. As for that, when i found your youtube channel with that NHL 19 video, i was really trying to look for some good NHL 09 Mod, but i cannot seem to find i was shocked that affter all these years there isnt anything so i started to look into NHL 09 Modding myself and look what can be done. And i started to learn NHL Modding quickly as im profesional codder and for me this is fun. (also when i added u on discord i wanted to see what kind of NHL u put up, to see ur nice work) it was nice , i have also RHL 14/15 from Russian website. as the old NHL 12, I want to make one NHL which has the best looks/gameplay/ etc.

    I will have custom Interface which has none, with new Menu , Ingame Menu, New and Sleek design of Ingame Scoreboard. etc.

    im collecting every NHL files i can, to look into them and see what i can improve, this is BIG Project, which will be amazing. Your NHL20 which i tested yesterday is good, but its lacking some Rooster up-dates from KHL, as from the Menu its little bit messed up with Default. and some other stuff besides that, u did great work :)

    Cheers, will post updates. as the project continuous.

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