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    That's because those IDs are generic IDs.

    So if a player doesn't have a dedicated cyberface, the game will assign a generic one (if you replace the generic cyberface or assign its ID to someone, then that's what happens).

    I have made the argument many times in the past: Coaches should have unique IDs or each team should have assigned a unique coach ID (yes, it could create confusion, but would avoid crowding the ID list.

    Tyson, maybe you could make your own ebo editing tutorial? It would be great if you could share all your knowledge.

    TBH, I'm quite inexperienced with .ebo editing, it used to be a tedious process of editing and checking in-game, I think that threw me off before NEBOViewer was publicly shared and made the process easier (although, not accounting for weight/height adjustments by the game engine). What I have learned throughout the years, is to pick the right .ebo files that match the player I intend to create with no editing involved. But I've never giving up the thought of 'learning the craft' of ebo edit - I've consulted with the tutorials that are available - both NHL and NBA related (as the NBA community always had a strong addon community, which I think the original modders of NHL borrowed from in terms of knowledge and software used - a lot of the tools, we use to this day, were developed for editing NBA related game files, think BigGUI, FshEdit (retired), etc.).

    Long story short: I know nothing more than you do, I don't have as much free time as I once did and you've probably spend more time .ebo editing than me :)

    If only and I really mean this, someone had shared how to do the UV Mapping in ebo edit, we wouldn't be having this conversation. As you can tell from Brad26's message, it is much easier to edit that way. I once asked Supra how to do this and he replied something along the lines of "It's a complex process and it's not worth it" - guess it depends on the perspective :)

    Needless to say, I've been trying to figure out the UV Mapping part, but as always - if more people help, maybe we can find the solution.

    Great! Thanks for sharing this. Did you have this Part One video too?

    Yeah, I'll upload everything.

    Also, I found my original workfolder + idea for the cyberface model selector. It features screenshots of all models in-game


    I only remember Supra's ebo edit tutorial on TBN, which is not really correct. Maybe Brad26's tutorial is more precise.

    Here's the included read-me from the .zip. Unfortunately, the second part of the tutorial was possibly never released/or has gone lost forever (unless someone's got it).

    "Brad26 Ebo Cyberface Editing Tutorial


    Hi Synergy. This mini-package is for you. I'll be making a proper one that will be uploaded

    and that will be for everyone else.. but still feel free to share this one with others. There

    are two videos here for you to watch. I suggest you watch them in order:

    1) part one - watch this first.avi

    2) part one - watch this second.avi

    Never mind the messed up colors and crappy sound - these are all problems I'm currently going fix with another method of recording this. You'll see what happens though, and these videos should get you well on your way to mastering step one of this cyber process.

    In part one you will learn how to properly identify, locate, and distribute the proper amount of lines and transfer them to the correct file, to the correct lines, to the correct spot within the lines, for the 3d vertical structure of the cyber face. You will be able to move all parts - from head to chin and all in between. Part one covers how to transfer the proper lines back so the file can be imported back into the game and enjoy your changes.

    Part two (not included) consists of transfering the UV MAPPING - the part of the cyber which calls for the FAC texture to wrap around the verticals. You'll learn how to identify, locate, and distribute the proper amount of lines and transfer them to the correct file, the correct lines, and to the correct spot within the lines. Done properly, you will be able to to load up your FAC image as well as the verticals from Part One into the EBO EDITOR. Switch to the FAC image, you'll see your texture with all of the dots on them. Highlight an area, for example the nose, then switch over to the verticals and you'll see the corresponding dots activated there as well.. it goes hand-in-hand.

    Benefits/Uses of the FAC Texture movement of verticals:

    You can do and fix all kinds of things. If your cyberface's beard is stretched, you can fix that in the UV Mapping in the editor. If you want bigger eyeballs, you can adjust this in the UV Mapping rather than the 3d verticals. If you misaligned your eyes, nose, etc.. you can correct this here.

    If you picked a model with a wrong sized mouth/lips, you can reshape it in this UV mapping. Anything goes. This was used quite often back in my day. I got to the point where I didn't have to pay so close attention to the initial model, and didn't worry too much about eyes/nose/mouth/chin alignment as I corrected it all in the UV Mapping. Re-sizing eyeballs are easy here - highlight the eyes in the bottom left corner of your FAC image, switch to the 3d vertical area, move them off the skull - adjust as you see fit, and put them back in place. Fun fun fun. Just remembering it all as I type this now, it brings back good memories - I had a blast. So this is part two, and that is for later.

    Included is a file called "cyber host v22b.ebo". This is explained in the first video. It is a custom-made host file I created out of the 2d crowd ebo file to work as efficiently and easily possible for this system. It is most useful for the transfer of lines back from your modifications to the original extracted cyberface ebo file. You can get by with the 2d_crowds.ebo file, but it wouldn't be as clear.

    Please come to me if you're stuck or need further explanation on something that I might have overlooked while making these vids.

    Video one "whatch this first" - has sounds, but messed up colors. Watch the video and play close attention to my instruction. This video does NOT contain the how-to for transfering back to the file, therefore you will not be able to import your changes into the game. That's what video two is for, but:

    Video two "watch this second" - has NO sounds, but correct colors.. (see, nothing works as it should, lol). It basically is the same video except contains the missing link at the end - where you transfer your lines back properly so you can import the file into the game and see your changes.

    If you want to skip right to that section instead of watching what was already covered, it begins at 5:30 in the video. While watching it, since there is no narrative, pay close attention to what's going on - notice the two side-by-side files have changed since the intital transfer earlier. The two files are the original cyberface from the game, and your new changes.. and *NOT* the host file.

    Good luck, I hope this gets you going until I can make the best video with my friend. I apologize for the delay these problems have caused - and I'm available for MSN chat as well as you can always PM me at the forums.


    Going through an old HDD I found a bunch of old addons and NHL related files that I'll try to share (Brad26's ebo tutorial among others: for those unaware, he was the one who figured out how to ebo edit cyberfaces!).

    Here's Chad Johnson created 9 years and a day ago (30/7-2010). The .ebo model used was 511 :)


    Tyson12 added a new file:


    Cyberface of Elvis Merzlikins (Columbus Blue Jackets)

    As promised, here's my old Elvis Merzlikins cyberface for use in the NHL Goalie Pack.

    It's in ELITE format, so the mask and possibly the gear included was made by SSD from Wasserlasser forum (thanks).

    I'm gonna make two or three more cybers before I release the pack, so if someone had any request... (but only NHL cybers yet without 2019/20 rookies).

    Nikolaj Ehlers (Winnipeg Jets) desperately needs a new cyberface :)

    Cool ! It's a shame the Polish league (and hockey in general) is so weak :(

    Ever considered creating some cybers for the Polish national team? :)

    Awesome work on the cyberfaces! Seems like you've mastered .ebo editor, has the knack for finding the right .ebos and pay attention to detail - a rarity these days :)

    How the heck to work that fishline. With OVI's set up his stick is included how do you remove the stick? It has a FAC0 a VISR, SKATES, and stick. The ref will have a stick. HAHAHAHA! Help please. Thanks.

    Import a transparent .png to replace the stick texture.

    You need to test these things on your own, it's not my project.