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    Since StamkosFan has moved on to other projects such as cyberfaces, Alpgrindman always leaves the project and stops making facepacks out of nowhere, and Barrus hasn't made a facepack in months (and his last activity was Feb 7th, 2019.. a month and a half ago).... It seems as though I'm left alone next year making 31 teams. I am recruiting people for the crew, all you have to do is sign a contract and give me 5 samples of Western conference players of your choice. I'm kidding about the contract, but serious about the 5 samples. Any 5 players of your choice from any Western conference team. Add the images here and I'll recruit. I will recruit up to 3 people. Thanks for the support, and I hope we can get a new crew going for the upcoming year.

    Neeki added a new file:

    Lol the season isn't even over yet and you're doing NHL 20. I'm just busting your balls :) Anyway, will you be dropping the project next year?

    Oh wow! I didn't realize that you only had 1 more left. If you want to drop the project next year and do cybers, you can. Since Alpgrindman never does any packs anymore, next year it could just be me and Barrus doing them which is fine.

    Cybers are on hold as I work on a new NHL 20 menu, and then I'll gladly get to the requests :D How do you guys feel about Nikita Kucherov, Johnny Gaudreau, Patrick Kane, and Auston Matthews as the menu players?

    I hope you are still going to continue with the facepacks. You only have a few more to do. Hope you can find time to do the couple you need to do :D

    StamkosFan I just read this message about someone else doing the Panthers. I want you to complete all the teams. We are a team. And as far as I know, he is not in our team. Us 4 in this team have great quality, and people only download our packs because of that. So people will never have Florida in their game. All I'm asking is to create the Panthers yourself :D Hope you understand.

    StamkosFan   Barrus   Alpgrindman I hope you all haven't forgotten about the packs. It's mid-February, I would at least want them done by the end of the NHL season. There's not many left for Stamkos and Barrus. But Alpgrindman, you can't keep leaving the project mid-way through. You have to finish them.

    Thanks everyone, and have a great day :)

    I have been away from the site for a while. Looks like a missed ranger11's birthday. Happy Birthday lol. Thanks for all your great works, keep up the great work. Talking about birthdays, mine is Thursday, the 17th. Love how this pack is still being constantly updated! Thanks all authors!

    Game doesn't launch after installing for me :D NHL Toolbox backup doesn't bring it back either, YIKES

    Hmmm.. You followed all instructions right? Here all the instructions. Also on the download page.

    (1. Take the pond.big from the zip.

    (2. Place it into your gamedata folder in your main NHL 09 game directory.

    (3. Replace the file.

    (4. Take the BHimport.bat out of the zip.

    (5. Drag it into your main NHL 09 game directory.

    (6. Double click on it, wait for the cmd to tell you to press any button to abort.

    (7. Finally, run your game, practice, and have fun.


    Barrus   StamkosFan   Alpgrindman

    Some progress has been made. Here are how many teams have been done for each division, how many teams for both conferences, and how many made out of the entire league! I will also give you percentages too!

    Metro Division - 8/8 COMPLETED - 100% (Worked on by Neeki)

    Neeki - Washington Capitals (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - Columbus Blue Jackets (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - Pittsburgh Penguins (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - New York Islanders (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - Carolina Hurricanes (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - New York Rangers (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - New Jersey Devils (COMPLETED)

    Neeki - Philadelphia Flyers (COMPLETED)

    Atlantic Division - 5/8 Work In Progress - 63% (Worked on by StamkosFan)

    StamkosFan - Tampa Bay Lightning (COMPLETED)

    StamkosFan - Buffalo Sabres (COMPLETED)

    StamkosFan - Toronto Maple Leafs (COMPLETED)

    StamkosFan - Montreal Canadiens (COMPLETED)

    StamkosFan - Boston Bruins (COMPLETED)

    StamkosFan - Detroit Red Wings (IN PROGRESS)

    StamkosFan - Ottawa Senators (IN PROGRESS)

    StamkosFan - Florida Panthers (IN PROGRESS)

    Central Division - 3/7 Work In Progress - 43% (Worked on by Barrus)

    Barrus - Winnipeg Jets (COMPLETED)

    Barrus - Nashville Predators (COMPLETED)

    Barrus - Colorado Avalanche (COMPLETED)

    Barrus - Minnesota Wild (CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON)

    Barrus - Dallas Stars (IN PROGRESS)

    Barrus - St. Louis Blues (IN PROGRESS)

    Barrus - Chicago Blackhawks (IN PROGRESS)

    Pacific Division - 4/8 Work In Progress - 50% (Worked on mainly by Alpgrindman)

    Alpgrindman - San Jose Sharks (COMPLETED)

    Alpgrindman - Anaheim Ducks (COMPLETED)

    Alpgrindman - Vegas Golden Knights (COMPLETED)

    Barrus - Arizona Coyotes (COMPLETED)

    Alpgrindman - Calgary Flames (IN PROGRESS)

    Alpgrindman - Edmonton Oilers (IN PROGRESS)

    Alpgrindman - Vancouver Canucks (IN PROGRESS)

    Alpgrindman - Los Angeles Kings (IN PROGRESS)

    Eastern Conference - 13/16 Work In Progress - 81% (Worked on by Neeki and StamkosFan)

    Western Conference - 7/15 Work In Progress - 47% (Worked on by Barrus and Alpgrindman)

    NHL - 20/31 Work In Progress - 65% (Worked on by Neeki, StamkosFan, Barrus, and Alpgrindman)

    At the moment...

    Neeki - 8/31 - 26%

    StamkosFan - 5/31 - 16%

    Barrus - 4/31 - 13%

    Alpgrindman - 3/31 - 10%

    The percentage in the near future...

    Neeki - 8/31 - 26%

    StamkosFan - 8/31 - 26%

    Barrus - 8/31 - 26%

    Alpgrindman - 7/31 - 23% (As it appears at the end of the project, he would have been the least "productive" in the pack, but to me, he has done an equal amount of work because there is an uneven amount of teams.)

    Hopefully all pack creators will have much time during Christmas break to complete their assigned divisions that need to be worked on. Obviously, the following dates will be observed.

    - 12/24 Christmas Eve

    - 12/25 Christmas

    - 12/31 New Year's Eve

    - 1/01 New Year's Day

    As you know, I am eager to get this completed by the New Year, and get it out to the public. They've been waiting patiently, great work everyone so far, and keep it up!

    That's why I don't use other rosters than my own. Don't want to wait for someone to make all the transfers.

    But sure I get your point.

    Yea but amnesiac has close to 4k downloads on his rosters. I'm not sure people will just download your roster just for your facepacks when everything else is built around amnesiac's and elite's. And if people do download it, then it will only be maybe 20-50 people.

    Vesalainen plays in Europe now so maybe it's not necessary to make his Jets mugshot.

    What I usually do is use what the roster says. So let's say even though a player isn't on a team in real life, but in game, you score with that player, and he has no player picture. So that's why I really try to provoke my stand on why I always make what's on the roster, rather than what's the "truth" in real life. Hope you understand.