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Your Wasserlasser Team

    There is "GP" column in the player sheet, meaning games played this past season. Unfortunately, I can't tell which guys will play in the NHL next season.

    But as they are rookies they still have their contracts valid.

    If you will make them, great! If not, then we'll just wait for the next season to see who will be where.

    Name Team GP
    Drysdale Jamie ANA 24
    Studnicka Jack BOS 20
    Hakanpää Jani CAR 57
    Kalynuk Wyatt CHI 21
    Gardner Rhett DAL 28
    Mikkola Niko STL 30
    Walman Jake STL 24
    Foote Cal TB 35
    Colton Ross TB 30
    Juolevi Olli VAN 23
    Coghlan Dylan VGK 29

    Thank you guys, both of you for your CF's.

    I requested Larsen from Greg and Kings finished it first. No big deal.

    And there are still a lot of rookies without cybers for everyone to make.

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    CF for Sharks rookie Fredrik Händemark.

    Not the greatest quality, but better than nothing...

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    My first CF creation for 17 years.

    Not good quality but better than default generic face (until someone makes a new one :) )

    Great work as always.

    I haven't been around last four months because of persistent desktop problems so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many new cf's by you :)

    Maybe you could add Columbus' new head coach Brad Larsen to your list? His ID is 2223.

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    Here is the first taste of player audio files provided by me.

    Read extra carefully the instruction text as there is no installer available.

    You will need NHLview and Play-by-play Viewer to make this work (not included).

    Also, make sure you have Vanecek in your current roster.

    Ok, I will start to make packs and upload them soon.

    Tyson12: I use Wave Editor to make files (after I convert the asf into wav) but I guess any audio editor that can handle wav-files works as well. After editing I convert them back to asf. And yes, I use original files to take parts from here and there. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it takes a lot of work, sometimes it's next to impossible ^^ .

    Hi guys,

    I've been working lately with PBP and rink audio files and have made them for over 700 players.

    Until recently Pmomo used to collect them and make them available for all.

    Now it seems he's no longer active with this so I ask for your opinion:

    should I download the audio files just here for everybody to use how they like?

    There is no installer so these asf-files need to be installed manually using pbp editor. I can make a small instruction file but I have no idea how Pmomo implemented the additions to the .big -files.

    Personally I just overwrite some retired (or double) players files and correct the numbers with NHLview.

    What do you think?

    Volkov has played 9 games for Tampa.

    Beaudin has 22 NHL games under his belt this season.

    Persson has 13 games for the Oilers.

    Wahlström has 9 games for the Islanders.

    But of course, up to you guys if they are made or not.