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Your Wasserlasser Team

    North America


    CAR (Seb)

    COL (Gavin)

    EDM (Gary)

    NYR (PL)

    WSH (London)


    DAL (Kevin)

    FLA (Larry)

    NJ (CPU)

    PHI (Bill)

    WPG (Rich)


    BOS (CPU)

    TB (Craig)

    STL (Diren)

    TOR (Lucas)

    VGK (Riley)



    CBJ (CPU)

    DET (Michal)

    MIN (Patrik)

    OTT (Denis)

    SEA (Matt)


    BUF (Jamie)

    CHI (Risko)

    LA (Krys)

    NSH (CPU)

    PIT (Mathias)


    CGY (Roi)

    MTL (Sergio)

    NYI (Santi)

    SJ (CPU)

    VAN (Owen)

    Day 1

    Canada 6 @ Russia 4

    Sweden 4 @ USA 2

    Team Europe (Allstars East) 2 @ North America U25 (Allstars West) 7

    Czechoslovakia 4 @ Finland 5

    Day 2

    Russia 2 @ USA 0

    Canada 2 @ Sweden 4

    North America U25 (Allstars West) 6 @ Finland 2

    Team Europe (Allstars East) 6 @ Czechoslovakia 4

    Day 3

    Sweden 6 @ Russia 5 (OT)

    USA 3 @ Canada 4 (SO)

    Czechoslovakia 0 @ North America U25 (Allstars West) 3

    Finland 0 @ Team Europe (Allstars East) 2

    25 confirmed participants, 5 Teams currently available:

    Boston Bruins

    Columbus Blue Jackets

    Nashville Predators

    New Jersey Devils

    San Jose Sharks

    Everyone is welcome. All you need to join is a good internet connection and a good attitude.

    Play when you have time, build your team at your own pace.

    VHA is a world league, with a custom regional schedule, custom DB and using a fresh yearly new version of NHL 09 on PC thanks to this community's addons.

    You can find me on Discord. My handle is on my signature.

    Feel free to leave a message here if you have any questions about the league.

    Join us!

    There will be several changes coming this upcoming season.

    Most of these are straight forward. They are implemented to counter cheap moves and annoyances.

    New rules for Season 10

    1) All CPU hits anywhere on the ice should be allowed - no give backs. One exception: CPU hits from behind.

    2) Expand the allowed hitting area to the entire slot area, not just in front or near the goalie but also between the faceoff circles and to the boards.

    Please, for the love of hockey, use the right players to do this. Tiny little delicate flowers dmen should not be hitting anyone, so hit with the players that hit in real life.

    See the area in red

    3) The 2 zone pass restriction rule will be added back in the game, like this is 1995 all over again.

    This will eliminate the incessant winger stretch pass that everyone loves so much and force you to come up with a better plan.

    4) One-timers are legit. Those who don't like it are free to not use it but have no basis in complaining when others do.

    In moderation of course, like everything, and with the right players too.

    5) GM incentives - Streaming done by visiting teams.

    More on Streaming. Make sure you have a Twitch account set up with your stream. Anyone can help you set this up.

    Starting next season, GMs that stream games will receive credits. Those that don't will be reprimanded.

    6) GM incentives - Reaching the games played minimum.

    This was tied into the report card score and will be applied every season from now on.

    7) Player retention - Teams lose rights to unsigned prospects after their waiver protection status expires (23 for skaters, 25 for goalies).

    We will be testing rules #1, #2, #3 and #4 out in a quick 8 team IIHF tournament starting shortly.

    Reply below if you're interested in joining but make sure you are available to play these games in the next 7 to 10 days before you decide to join.

    If more than 8 teams are interested, we will randomly select the participants.

    A player who misses 40+ consecutive games in the NHL is subsequently automatically declared unfit to play in VHA.

    At this point, he is automatically moved to Long Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) in VHA and 2 things occur:

    1) the player is no longer eligible to play in VHA

    2) His salary is taken off the salary cap

    A player on LTIR can return to VHA when he plays an NHL game following his long term injury.

    At which point, the VHA team is required to re-integrate the player in the lineup cap permitting.

    Upon request, the league can give the team 4 weeks to clear cap space.
    You can't keep a player on LTIR all season for a miraculous playoffs recovery a la Tampa Bay & Kucherov shenanigans.

    Originally, this process started on day 1 of the regular season.

    This season though, and from now on in subsequent seasons, players will be moved to LTIR during the offseason - but only after UFA Frenzy.

    A list of VHA players on LTIR is currently showing in the SS in the "LTIR" tab in red.

    There is also a list of players tracking towards LTIR but haven't met the requirement yet.

    Those are indicated in yellow in the SS LTIR tab.

    If you need more info, feel free to ask here or on Discord

    S10 VHA Entry Draft will take place on Saturday July 8 - 11h00 AM ET

    The draft will be held in our #draft-floor room on Discord.

    We will conduct 3 rounds of drafting.

    This usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours, with occasional breaks.

    ****************** Please make an effort to attend *****************

    Make sure have a list ready and come prepared.

    GMs will have 60 seconds to make their pick.

    Over two full weeks after the NHL draft, this gives everyone plenty of time to schedule accordingly.

    This is a major league event and expect everyone to attend.

    If you can't attend, you must submit a draft list by friday July 7.

    We will reject lists that simply point at the NHL order.

    GMs that do not attend and do not send in their list on time will have their draft pick skipped until the end of the round, where a pick will be made randomly.

    Please note that the draft picks for each team and the official order is shown in the spreadsheet.

    Supplemental picks order will be determined live on draft day for each round.

    If you need more info, feel free to ask.