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    Yes it is. I just make all the changes in NHLView to my liking only the NHL teams. Amnesiac will not give me permission to make my own using his base unfortunately. So I can't produce mine because that would be cheating and stealing. I was only going to do the NHL like a SEASON thingy but, there are so many Leagues to handle. I wish it could only be just the NHL. That's why its call NHL09 right? I get it man trust me good looking players is great but realism is better. My re-done roster is different from A's and I like it my own way. I have a powerful Computer and handle sensitivity. But, I can say we all play the game because we love it. Is it wrong to do it my way? I say no.

    Same for me, i use my own roster, based on the old "BvH Roster". I stole some players from Elite-Roster and also from Amnesiac. I adjusted the ratings to my liking. For this reason i won't put my NHL-Roster in the downloads. I still haven't figure out to get the acurate ratings for new players based on their sttistics.

    You guys have thousands of downloads on your packs, that must be motivating to some degree. Anyway yea, I strongly thank all of you for your work this season, you guys have forever changed the face of this game. Thousands of people across the globe play with your mods every day, and I am one of them. I'm looking forward to another pack next year. Every year you guys dedicate a lot of your time into something you don't get paid for, and that's something most people wouldn't do. You keep NHL PC gaming alive- because let's face it, EA is probably never going to release another NHL game on PC. Take a look at this statistic down below in which I explain we still have a chance at getting our PC NHL.

    Prior to Madden NFL 19 coming out on PC... Madden 08 was the last NFL game released on PC that EA made. NHL 09 so far, was the last NHL game released on PC that EA made. It took EA 11 years (which is ridiculous in it's own right) to release an NFL game on PC. Now maybe next year is OUR year. NFL 08, NFL 19 both PC. NHL 09, NHL 20 (possibly) both PC. 08+11=19, 09+11=20. That's just something I saw on my free time. I still don't think that it'll be worth the time for EA making a great port to PC for the amount of people who would seriously buy the game. I'm all for buying the game at a full $60 default price, I would even go as far as to say I would by the most legendary edition out there- and I never buy those. Also if you guys want a free game (lol), Assassin's Creed Unity is free right now because they want users to be able to see their exact replica of the Notre Dame. Still can't believe it burned, it's gonna take a while to rebuild.

    Edit: My question to you two is will you still play and create mods for this game if EA ever releases another NHL to PC?

    A new NHL for PC? I only believe this when i have it on my computer ;). Years ago i was thinking about buying a console only to play NHL, but i love to mod the game, keep it up to date. So i stayed with the PC version. I guess at some point everything comes to an end, but as long as people are modding the PC NHL game i will stay with it.

    The most thing i miss right now is voghi's roster, with all the minor league players and rookies!

    I think this is the last update for the SGP for this season:

    v 40.0.0


    Michael DiPietro (Vancouver Canucks) 3215 complete new


    Mike Smith (Calgary Flames) 4982 new stick

    Mike McKenna (Philadelphia Flyers) 8842 new stick

    Oskar Dansk (Vegas Golden Knights) 13523 new stick

    Harri Sateri (Detroit Red Wings) 8886 new stick

    Max Lagace (Vegas Golden Knights) 9851 new stick

    Samuel Montembeault (Florida Panthers) 16366 new stick

    Curtis McElhinney (Carolina Huricanes) 6589 new stick

    Mackenzie Blackwood (New Jersey Devils) 14965 new stick

    Marc-Andre Fleury (Vegas Golden Knights) 2117 two sets regular / golden

    Mike Smith (Calgary Flames) 4982 three sets white / black / playoff

    Guys, i'm a little bit tired of making goalie masks. I will do at least the mask for Michael Dipietro (Vancouver). This will take some time, so be pacient, it was a long season...