Boston Bruins Pic Pack 2017-18 1.0.1

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All 31 Bruins. Including stunning rookies like Ryan Donato, and new additions to the team like Rick Nash and Nick Holden (ALL 3 IN CORRECT JERSEYS)

Every Boston Bruin Player Picture (31). We are now down to 3 teams left in the Eastern Conference. I will put a poll on Neeki Addons so you can DECIDE THE NEXT PACK! Thanks for the downloads and support, really happy I get to do this for you guys. Thanks again, and I'll cya in the next pack. :):thumbup:

***Make sure you change Ryan Donato's Photo/Cyberface ID from 0 to 10228 in NHLView!!! Otherwise, his photo will not show!!! Thanks, have a good day!***

  • Version 1.0.1

    Change Danton Heinen's Photo/Cyberface ID in NHLView (Teams Tab, Boston Bruins, Lines, Danton Heinen, Players tab at the top, click Identity tab, it will be there.) to 11465!!! Then install the new pack!

  • Version 1.0.0

  • All this files from Neeki when i want to extract it says no archives found??

    • Do you use Toolbox or addon_installer/BHimport method? Try opening addon_installer with all files in you main NHL 09 folder, and when it's done, open BHimport, it should be fine. No Archive Found is like a Tooblox error right?