Eastern Conference Pic Pack 2017-18 1.0.0

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465 Player pictures from the Atlantic and Metro divisions.

All of my work in the past 2-3 weeks. Here it is. I will see you guys in the 2019 season. I will probably do some work on the crowds. Like making the Jets crowd all away jerseys because it's more realistic. Anyway, I need a break, I will mostly be only posting on 2018 Playoff Predictions for coverage on games, predictions, and suspensions! And comment your predictions on there too! Thanks, I'll be back next season. LET'S GO RANGERS! :)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hi Neeki,

    I don't know why but after I installed the facepacks I can't see so many players photo neither in the game nor in NHLView. Plus the addoninstaller send me a message that all of them are invalid lenght... Can U help me?



    • If you highlight all the .big files and right click, hit Properties, under the "General" tab, at the bottom you will see Attributes.. Is the "Read-Only" Option checked off? Uncheck if so.

    • It's off.Till this time I hadn't got this problem but what does invalid lenght mean?

    • Try restarting your PC.. Not quite sure. Maybe re-install the game.. OR, I would try this first: Where is your NHL09 installed to? EA Sports folder in Program Files x86? or Origin Games...

    • Program files

    • Odd, restart PC. Or ask maybe one of the better pros.