2019-2020 NHL FULL SEASON SCHEDULE (2 VERSIONS) Without Vegas Golden Knights or Without Arizona Coyotes 2019.2020A1A

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2 Version Season Without VGK (ARIZONA) Without Arizona (VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS)

This is compatible with AMNESIAC'S ROSTER!! NOT ELITE!!!!!!! UNDERSTAND!!!

Here is the 2019-2020 NHL Full Season Schedule for without Vegas Golden Knights and now without Arizona Coyotes. 2 Versions (For all you VGK fans) I prefer No VGK (JMHO).

Instructions are inside the ZIP.

ENJOY the NEW season!


  • Version 2019.2020A1A

    Here are the 2 Versions as promised. Read instructions carefully to make it work. The other ZIP in this ZIP.


  • Version 2019.2020A1

    This is a full NHL without Vegas. Only Arizona. Tomorrow I will have without Arizona. Only Vegas. Stay tuned!

    Enjoy!! The 1,189 Games!

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Good job !!!!

    im happy with this

    don't car much for vegas anyway

  • Hey good job, nice to have a new schedule to play through however... It seems wrong, Rangers first game is vs. Detroit in your season but it should be vs. the Jets and so on.... also under next game it stays on Sharks vs. knights no matter what team I pick through.

    anyway, again good job but can you possibly address these issues ?

    • I will take a look at it. Might be the glitch of using VGK. Fuck! I knew this was going to be a problem for some odd reason. I will have to make 2 schedules like I did last year. One with VGK. One without VGK. See, our game only recognizes 30 teams. But, it will allow you to swap out a team if its CUSTOM. I will look into it. Maybe the Calendar Creator is not taking the swap of the Jets and Red Wings into effect. Give me a till late tonight and will make a new one.

    • Just one more question before downloading... If you drop Vegas then how did you make the schedule to match 82-game season?

      I made that error last year and skipped the whole project.

    • I do it by removing 1 team and coming up with this: FUCK! Go to my FACES thread it will be there