NHL Hitz Pro Legacy (Data Pack) 2.0

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To install this AddOn you need the Toolbox


NHL Hitz Pro (2003) modded for the 2020-21 season.

"NHL Hitz Pro Legacy"




-Installation Instructions

--A) Items to download

--B) Roster/Audio installation

--C) Making a new ISO with the updated rosters

--D) Texture installation

--E) Getting Dolphin to load the new textures

--F) Getting the new Rosters!



"NHL Hitz Pro Legacy" *NEW* FEATURES (From "NHL Hitz Pro 2020"):

-Continuous roster, rating and depth chart updates

-Continuous jersey updates

-Continuous gear updates

-New music

-Play-by-Play Names for every player (2004 in-game audio)

-All features from previous versions "Pro 2020" and "Pro 2019"


Installation Instructions:

----- A) Items to download:

1) The latest version of the Gamecube (& Wii) Emulator, Dolphin.

- http://dolphin-emu.org/download/

2) "NHL Hitz Pro" GameCube ISO.

- This you will, unfortunately, have to find on your own.

3) GameCube Rebuilder.

- http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/619/

----- B) Roster/Audio installation:

1) Download, and unzip the above tools anywhere you want.

2) Run GameCube Rebuilder, and at the top go to Image > Open, and direct it to your NHL Hitz iso file.

- If it doesn't show up where you unzipped it, switch it to "GameCube Image File (.gcm)" on the bottom right, it should then appear.

3) Once it loads, right click on the main file named "Root" on the right, and click "Export".

- Remember where you exported it, and don't delete this file, to make installing future updates easier.

- Click Image > Close, GameCube Rebuilder will close.

4) Go into the "Root" folder in my .zip, and copy and overwrite the files in the unzipped folder to the "root" folder of the files you just extracted.


----- C) Making a new ISO with the updated rosters/audio:

1) Open up GameCube Rebuilder, again.

2) Now, click Root > Open and click on the "root" folder you made previously and hit "OK".

3) Then click on Root > Save and save it to a location with your other Gamecube or Wii ISO's.

- Rename it "NHL Hitz Pro Legacy".

4) Lastly, click Root > Rebuild, and after processing you're done!


- You can now delete your original "Hitz Pro" ISO.

----- D) Texture installation.

1) After you've downloaded and installed Dolphin go to it, and open your "User" folder.

- Usually in "Documents" under the C:/

2) Then open Load > Textures > GHZE5D.

- If one, or none of the folders are there, simply create them.

3) Copy the contents of the "GHZE5D" (unzipped) folder of the mod over into the "GHZE5D" folder.


----- E) Getting Dolphin to load the new textures.

1) Load up Dolphin.

2) Click the "Graphics" button or go to Options > Graphic Settings and click the "Advanced" tab.

3) Under "Utility" put a check in the box next to "Load Custom Textures".

-If some textures are showing up black, check the "Prefetch Custom Textures" option.

-If some textures are still showing up black, go to "Documents > Dolphin Emulator > Cache" and delete "GHZE5D.uidcache".

4) Hit "Close".


----- F) Getting the new Rosters!

1) Load up Dolphin, and run the game.

2) Go into "Settings", "Manage Team", "Manage Rosters".

3) Click "Default Rosters". Click "Yes".

4) Back out. Go to "Save Settings", and save your file.




Rosters: blackhat154.

Textures: blackhat154.

Goalie Gear: blackhat154, ranger11, Pep21, Kings1171, senators96, zidane, ar79.

UI: blackhat154, MacDaddy.

Jerseys: blackhat154 (reformatting), Jimbo66 (original NHL 04'S).

HitzEdit Program Creator: Slippery In Net.


  • Version 2.0

    2021 Season Update:


    -Depth Charts

    No ratings changed have been made yet. It takes too much time for free.

  • Version 1.0.1

    -Every player should have a play-by-play name now (some aren't accurate, but better than a blank name).

    -Depth charts updated.

    -Various other improvements.

  • Version 1.0.0