Anaheim update for NHL 2001 1.5.0

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Your Wasserlasser Team
To install this AddOn you need the Toolbox

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Robitaille Fan

Upgrade the Anaheim team in EA Sports 'NHL 2001' game from 2000 to 2020

This update will allow you to upgrade the Anaheim team in EA Sports 'NHL 2001' game from 2000 to 2020.

List of changes:

- jersey chooser: new home jersey, new away jersey, new 3rd jersey, new 4th jersey.

- all logos, both in pre game screens then in game screens and popups

- home uniform, current (2020) Adidas AdZero

- away uniform, current (2020) Adidas AdZero

- 3rd uniform, the last used by Anaheim: Adidas AdZero orange.

- 4th uniform, the one used to celebrate the 25th years in 2019.

- center ice

- scoreboard.

Before installing this addon, I suggest that you exchange home/away uniforms with the batch file contained in the "Swap Jersey" addon.


You need to have a copy of gfxpak.exe, if you have downloaded Toolbox for NHL 09 you can find it in that game folder. Make a copy of it in main NHL 2001 folder, then extract all the files in your main NHL 2001 folder and run "Anaheim.bat". That's all.

  • Version 1.5.0

    List of changes:

    - all logos both in pregame then in game menus and popups. Changed the logos also on the locker room door and on the aisle that goes toward the arena

    - jersey chooser: new home, new away, new 3rd jersey and new 4th jersey.

    - picture of the arena (Honda Center)

    - home uniform, current (2020) in Adidas AdZero system

    - away uniform, current (2020) in Adidas AdZero system

    - 3rd uniform, the last used by Anaheim in 2019-2020 season, full orange in Adidas AdZero system

    - 4th uniform, used during 2018-2019 in old colors (green, black and purple)

    - new center ice, now with the current logo of the arena

    - scoreboard, updated as similar as possible to the current one

    Changes conpared to version 1.0:

    - better uniforms, more detailed with correct numbers

    - now the goalie in all uniforms wears an equipment and mask similar to the equipment of John Gibson (mask made by Ranger11, all credit goes to him)

    - corrected some logos

    - corrected the scoreboard

  • Version 1.0.0