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Las Vegas Golden Knights Team Logo

Las Vegas Golden Knights Team Logo

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Как заставить чтоб работал в списке AMNESIAC

  • Логотип не рабочий все перепробовал менял 30 все равно не работает

  • Doesn't work unfortunately. Using Amnesiac's roster and my NHLView Identity art is at 30, every art is set to 30. Still get the Eastern Conference logo.

  • I cant seem to get this to work. At first I couldnt change it from the NHL eastern concerence logo. Now its just blank. Using Toolbox. Tried looking with nhlview and the setting are as you described above so idk what to change...

  • Didn't work for me. Logo is "Nhl Eastern Conference". Tried to install transparent logos (after and before). But didn't work. :(

    • If you use ELITE ROSTER you need to delete EAS LRG and MED. Use what you have after. Go to NHLView and change it to 30.

      If you use AMNESIAC ROSTER you do nothing. EAS is custom. Go to NHLView and make its 30.

    • I use amnesiac's roster. Downloaded NHlview. I don't get what to change. :(

    • In the DATA TAB for Vegas Golden Knights make sure String ID is EAS. Make sure Abbreviation is EAS. Make sure art is 30. Now open the ARENA TAB make sure LOGOS are 30. ART 30. SAVE and CLOSE and then go to your main NHL FOLDER and run the BHImport.bat.


    • Ok. Thanks. Everything is ok. Almost. There's no any jerseys of Vegas on choosing teams screen. Just blank place. :(