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  • Hey there! Welcome to the community!

    My name is Kings1171 and I am a GRANDMASTER of this website. I have been since 2015 modding here and since 2012 on The Breakaway Network. So you just now bought NHL 09 and want to make it great right update it to 2020 correct? You have come to the right place and I will give step by step instructions on how to make NHL 2009 to NHL 2020.

    Step 1. Get TOOLBOX is FILE BASE. Add this to your MAIN NHL 09 folder. usually here: C://Programs Files (x86)/EA Sports/NHL 09.

    Step 2. Get a ROSTER. There are two here WASSERLASSER and AMNESIAC'S they are in the FILE BASE. Or you can wait for ELITE ROSTER when it is done, hopefully soon as V stated. But, use your judgement.

    Step 3. Get SEASONS: If you get AMNESIAC'S Roster you can use my 2019-2020 NHL SCHEDULE SEASON found in FILE BASE there are 2 versions it. If not, you will have to wait for others to make SEASONS and I make them every year. So its up to you.

    Step 3. STRINGS: (I provided them as an attachment) I included my instructions read them carefully. Put them, everything into the NHL MAIN Folder and run the Install_Strings.bat and the BHImport20.bat I provided.

    Step 4. PROJECT INTERFACE NHL20: it is in the FILE BASE under NHL 09/GRAPHICS search through till you find it from StamkosFan download it and read instructions inside the ZIP.

    Step 5. ARENAS: The most updated arenas were made in 2017 but, there are a whole bunch in FILE BASE search for them for newer ones. Here is a link to my OneDrive to get the ARENAS: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj5q_zpUNjBqiCLgG7yuSifeq_MN?e=CNBjJL (I included all the new ones) :)

    Step 6. NHL BOARDS 2019-2020: These are made by me and attached below. It took me about 2 months to whack them out). ^^

    Step 7. 2019-2020 NHL ICES here is a link to my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj5q_zpUNjBqiCj1xu8FkfgxeCY1?e=B3Aapv ;)

    (Pull all of them into the NHL MAIN folder and run the WASSERLASSER TOOLBOX).

    Step 8. 2019-2020 NHL LOGOS (LARGE and SMALL) these are made by me here is the link to my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj5q_zpUNjBqiClh5xDLudxxbpJt?e=4QYyUo 8)

    Step 9. 2019-2020 NHL JERSEYS by xxxneedlesxxx is in FILE BASE under NHL 09/JERSEYS download it. Open the ZIP and whatever is inside open it an place everything into the MAIN NHL 09 folder and run the TOOLBOX. :)

    Step 10. 2019-2020 CYBERFACES: is in the FILE BASE it is FACES.VIV search for it. It is made by me. :)

    Step 11. 2019-2020 PLAYER FACE PACK portrait.viv : is in the FILE BASE.

    Step 12. UTILITIES: Referees and all the little goodies that make our game so great. Attached below. Read the instructions I provided carefully. There are many other things too in FILE BASE but that's for later.

    Step 13. 2019-2020 NHL GOAL HORNS by me in FILE BASE under SOUNDS. Download it and read my instructions carefully. 8)

    Step 14. 2019-2020 NHL CHANTS by me in FILE BASE under SOUNDS. Download it and read my instructions carefully. 8) GO KINGS GO!! Lets Go Pens!! Hey You Suck!! Etc. (all of them)! :)

    Step 15. NBCSN Game and Scoreboard Clock or your preference it is located in the FILE BASE under GRAPHICS use the 2017-2018 for most updated logos.

    Step 16. There are many things you can add extra just look in FILE BASE. 8o

    You now have complete NHL 20 on your NHL 09!!!! :)





  • Hi Kings1171 from another Kings fan, I finally found (on Amazon) my copy of NHL 09. I installed it, but now there are some problems. Perhaps I am fool but:

    1. when I ran Toolbox to update the roster (with Wasserlasser roster) I only find the original roster with some free spots in the lines

    2. There is no "strings" attachment here. Or would I search in another part of the forum?

    Sorry, I well know the structure of the game until NHL 2002, NHL 09 is totally new for me.

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