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Willkommen auf der Seite
Um die Seite voll nutzen zu können musst Du Dich anmelden. Danach kannst Du das Forum nutzen, Dateien runter laden und bist ein Teil der Community.

Du findest Hilfe im Lexikon und kannst den "Ersten Schritten" folgen falls Du Fragen hast.

Viel Spass wünscht das Team von

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    Kings1171 hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:

    Great see you again Kings!!! i expect you be healthy and fully recovered. Thanks for your new arenas.

    Do you plan to update the rest of arenas. If you can make the remodeled Madison Square Garden will be awesome!!

    Woah there molifox! I am still retired. This is an old project of mine I just finished. I am on Chemo/Radiation till April 13th. I will say this, if I feel good enough and strong enough and no one else does them I will give them a try. No guarantees though. Okay.

    Kings1171 Sry, but I have to do the DEL Arenas and the new WaLa-Roster. So I´m very busy with that. And new NHL-Arenas will wait just after the 2018/19 season. Maybe I can create some in the summer-months, not earlier.

    Hey Andy!

    No sweat man. I told myself this is the year I will officially be dumping all other rosters and I will be going full Wa-La when completed I am so excited, because I saw all of your tremendous work you are doing and it is going to be a stellar ROSTER. I mean that man best ever! Great job Andy!


    Solved! Part my sounds/part A's Roster.

    What I did is uninstall my sounds. Ran the BHImport bat. Uninstalled A's Roster update and backed it up ran the BHImport bat. Then I re-installed A's updated roster. I went into NHL.view and changed the horns to proper numbers and saved it. Then I exited NHLView. Then I re-installed my horns with my installer. Ran the BHImport bat. Then I opened NHLView and re-did it again. Ran the BHimport again. Went to my season and played the Kings and Ducks at Staples. It worked when Brownie scored! So I fixed it! Woooohooo!!

    I hope when Wasserlasser Roster is completed we get all new arenas for the NHL. Because their are so many out-dated.

    Gentlemen: I will here from time to time. If you want a cyber done post your request here (The name of player, the team, and the FACE ID). But, I will only do 1 at a time okay. I am still recovering. Got another 2 months of treatment. My wife is my ROCK as she has been there the whole way can't ask for anything more.

    Thanks to everyone. I will do my best to get better and UN-retire because without me and all of you NHL 09 PC will never die. I am fighting hard and this 48+ year old man is going to ****ing win this battle and do the things I love to do as it is my passion.


    Pasqualino-Antonio (Kings1171)

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