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    Yeah I was quite scared too. LOL. But, on a more serious note. I need to get my spleen removed I have a tumor. I go under the knife on February 8th. They say it is Cancerous. I will be out of commission for a while and maybe outright retire. My wife is back with me now and that's all that matters. Wish me luck brethren. This will be my last post for while. Then I will decide if I am okay to continue or retire.


    Never put your game in Programs (x86) I put mine in my C: Drive C: (No Program File) use it as its own. What I do is create this file C:\EA Sports\NHL 09. See, when you add it to a PROGRAMS FILE (x86) it will make TEMPORARY FILES every where because it is connected to all things NHL 09 PC. NHLView, BigGUI, FshX, NEBOViewer, and etc. That is why senators96 is dead on with this. I too, do not use TOOLBOX. I use ADD-ON INSTALLER.BAT which I gave you always run it an an ADMINISTRATOR . Once it is completed Run as ADMINISTRATOR the BHImport.BAT till it say PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE....

    Now, if all of this does not work this is what you do:

    1. Copy ALL of the files in NHL 09 Main Folder. Create a NEW FOLDER on your DESKTOP name BU NHL 09.

    2. Paste those files into it.

    3. Uninstall NHL 09 in the Control Panel/ Programs

    4. Wait till the ICON is gone.

    5. Now open Computer and create EA Sports in C: Drive not in PROGRAM FILES of any kind.

    6. Re-install the GAME. Install it manually. Where do you want to put this it will say: write C:\EA Sports\NHL 09

    7. Upload and wait till complete.

    8. Open NHL 09 Main Folder where you just know put it.

    9. Remove all of the files inside by deleting them.

    10. Get all of the files on the DESKTOP File you created and paste them there.

    11. Run BHImport18

    12. Close everything open.

    13. Run NHL 09 Game

    14. Play an Exhibition GAME.

    15. Exit

    16. Now go do what you intended to do (adding FACE and EBO in main FOLDER and whatever else).

    17. Run the INSTALLER BAT


    19. Run BHImport BAT till it says PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE..............................

    20. Close everything open.

    21. Go PLAY!!!

    22. Done all your goodies are back!



    By the way the Vegas Golden Knights suck big donkey dicks!!! They have ruined our game. I used to be able to do anything with this game. Now I made the EAST ALL-STARS to be the VGK for A's Roster as we implemented them as such. But it is not the same. I want all 31 teams to record in a season. I made 3 ****ing seasons this year. 3! One with the those A-holes and one without. Then I made a whole entire season for A's with all 31 teams but it will not record for the games played against them in the season. Wait till 2020 when Seattle is in the NHL we are going to be buying NHL 2021. There is no way around if you are a season gamer like me.

    REQUEST: Anybody wanna be my EBO Editor. I just do not know how to ****ing do it. It is frustrating. I want face to look similar to the actual. Everything line up great but, when it come out it too long, too short, too wide, too narrow. I just don't get it.

    First you need all the TOOLS or use TOOLBOX Wasserlasser made. I prefer you use these attached. These are updated and NEW.

    NEVER USE BigGUI if you do not know how to use it! It will **** up your game forever!! Always use an ADD-ON INSTALLER.bat

    The error you are seeing is you did not compress or rebuild the files. Your IMPBig is not reading the files. It is imperative to do a re-install from you last BACK UP. Then re-do what you intent by using the TOOLS

    If you do it it will fix. But if your not computer savvy use the TOOLBOX. Run it and wait till it is FULLY green. Done. Nothing more to do. But, I ALWAYS run the BHImport18.bat again so to have the temporary bh.viv files theses have the squiggly line in front it. They are placed in GAMEDATA file when BHImport is ran. Or you use TOOLBOX to do it for you.

    Hope you understand and hope you get it fixed. If not you will need to re-install.




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    In Fluxxx ArenaTextures are banners in the slot Baner and is used in JumbotronReflections. So I have to look, if I can use this ebo or I must find the position in the original NHL09 file. Explaining eboediting is not easy, because in eboedit you have three parts (front, side and top view), whre you edit the form and one part, where you edit the grafic and grafic positioning. In the first three parts there are only white lines with red points at the ends. Editing the lines is not very easy. For better understand i had a picture in my showroom : 3d mapping

    It´s in German, but you can see pics with the four parts: x y, x z, y z and u v

    Woah. Video Game making is one hard ass thing to do. I did not know all of this. I understand graphics but this is a whole new animal. No rush friend. Take your time. I have several cybers to do. This is fun though to learn new stuff. Thanks.

    Kings1171 At first: I only edit the jumbotron for you, so it´s your arena. Of course you have permission to upload file in filebase.

    second: I use Fluxxx files to import banners in arena. That needs a bit of ebo-editing to position the banners (see it in my DEL-arenas). This is like editing jumbotron, but a little bit easier than jumbo. Maybe at weekend I´m able to edit ANA-arena, because I´m very busy at the moment.

    Gotcha. Is there a place in the FSH where the banners will go? Mine is all BLACK. Nothing inside. But ana01 it has three spots for banners. Thanks for giving me guidance.