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    Kings1171 ; I think you will be banned at as this is against the rules.

    **** really. So sorry. I felt as I own the pack just to share it with him one time. I am not using for profit I have no idea what he will do with it. I am sorry. If you want to ban me as I really screwed up I will understand. I will remove my post here.

    yes so i installed toolbix and i dont kno how to add jerseys pls help

    1. Find the jerseys you are planning to download

    2. Download the PACK

    3. Open ZIP. Place all into the NHL 09 Main Folder

    Like this:

    Open Toolbox:

    Results are Completed:

    You must run the BHImport.bat for good measures. I always do just in case.

    Once done, go into the game and all the jerseys you selected are now in the game.


    My Tutorial is in the LEXICON. Step-by-step instructions on how do anything with sounds. Enjoy!

    How to operate NHL06 Streams Editor - NHL von EA Sports, Managerspiele, Eishockey Manager 2020, Handball Manager 2021 und vieles mehr

    What exactly are you able to edit with this program?

    Are there more things to edit then in NHLview?

    Iuse just MS Excel, String Editor, Total Control Editor and NHLview. Also BigGui and FshX of course.

    I am not sure really. This is my discovery that we can actually edit the DATABASE with this editor. I can't even begin to know where to even go for anything really but I discover the (PLAYERS, ARENAS, and TEAMS) . But, you can download it and mess around with it using a CSV to EXCEL. This will be easier for you to mess around with. I know this is true because you makes an EXCEL template with all of the things we see on your FACEPLACE, TEAMS ID's, and whatnot. Slowly go through and hopefully you'll find what you are looking for. If you intend to use it.

    Im glad all I want to is to improve the game thanks for sharing the program this could be a whole new door for possibly better modding I desperately want to change the dynasty year from 2008

    Now the fun part begins. We need to find out what the 4 letter abbreviations stand for. So when you edit in EXCEL you'll know what effects what. So much to explore.

    I would like to edit the original database not yours I would just like to know which program you use apart from NHL view

    BigGUI opens the database.viv

    What exactly are you intending to edit?

    Edit: Holy mackerel! It works! Use BigGUI, open the db.viv, export nhl2009PC, use my madden editor to open this like so:

    44 LPBT (ALL THE PLAYERS from all the leagues)

    65 SARE (ARENAS)

    69 SPBT (All the players again)

    72 STEA (TEAMS)

    I did it!!! I cracked the db! Woooo-hoooo!!! Have fun brother!!!! Woah this is awesome!!!!

    Question: Is there a chance to have shorter periods? Meaning that the 5 Minutes minimum Periods ticks faster? Playing a every game in a long season for about 3x5Minutes is a litte bit to long for me.

    Unfortunately no. It is hard-coded to 5 minutes MINIMUM (super fast clock the acceleration on the time clock pretty much in real time) and 20 minutes MAXIMUM is dreadful. Anything in between makes the time clock slower and the game drags out. If you had a CHEAT ENGINE like a script there maybe a way to bring them down. I have one for my Madden NFL 08 PC game. Its called Calhoupe's Madden Scripts version 1.70. It can set accelerated clock to any time you which to have it at. For example I set mine at 15:00 minute Quarters but each play takes off 1:45 seconds to make it feel actual. Play clock accelerates too so the reality is achieved. To this day, I have not seen one for the NHL. Only NFL. I love it. Because I use it in my game. Plus, I play franchise mode and I need my stats to be close to identical with the REAL NFL Season.

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    Thanks sens! I will change it! If everyone in the past would of identified like most of us do now in the new era it would be so much easier. You are legend sens you know it! I am one of your students of the past you taught me a lot. Thank you for that.


    Do you want me to change the photo in FshX so it will be in the pack or is the list good enough?

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