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VHA 7 Regular Season events

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  • Playing your games:
    A shortened 58 game season makes for a perfectly balanced lighter scheduling workload, without being rushed and stressed. If you aren't available to play games for an extended period of time for whatever reason, just let us know and you will be put on temporary sub status.

    Note: a 60% games played rule is in effect. GMs that don't reach this minimum will not be permitted to participate in the VHA playoffs.

    Sub for a team in need or play for open cpu teams and get brownie points and goodies! There's a rewards program for doing this. Check out Announcements for details.

    Periodic Randomizer runs - You win, but you lose!
    As a trademark to realism, the VHA randomizer ensures a healthy amount of injuries exists across the league at all times. This random process takes injury resist rating in consideration. The lower the injury resist number, the higher the risk he has of being drawn in the randomizer lottery. Expect a minimum of 10 randomizer runs throughout the season and playoffs.

    FYI: As is the case in real life, each franchise must maintain a healthy farm system to rely on in case of multiple injuries.

    2 Ratings edits
    Expect a ratings edit 10 games into the season and another one mid-season. Note that the majority of in-season edits are increases.
    * early February - to address prospects making the jump the NHL

    S7 - season edits 1

    * Pre trade deadline in late march

    S7 - season edits 2

    S7 mid year rerates

    Trade deadline: March 2020
    This is the time to add assets for a playoff run while teams out of the playoff picture are encouraged to trade UFA assets for prospects and picks.

    CBA adjustments and release
    A fresh new CBA is available on the website!

    Update the VHA rebuild
    More info on this to come shortly.

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