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S8 sub credit claims

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  • Every time you sub, you help a GM in need. As a token of appreciation, taking in consideration your report card grade, the league returns credits that can be use to purchase goodies (see list below).


    Injury heal (short term) - 5 credits (less than 10 days)

    Injury heal (long term) - 10 credits (10 days or more)

    Get out of the next randomizer run injury free - 20 credits

    50% buyout - 15 credits

    Free buyout - 30 credits

    PLAYOFF injury heal - 30 credits

    Sub credits can also be used to purchase supplemental draft picks during offseason.

    Each team's current total credits are shown in the SS.

    Note that sub credits are kept over time and can be used at any time.

    Claim your credits purchase by posting below.

    That is all...

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