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Does anyone have Montreal's arena Bell Center? (arenaMTL.big)

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  • Hello!

    Could someone please share Montreal's arena Bell Center with me?

    After installing all the arenas from "ELITE ARENAS 2021-2022", suddenly arenaMTL.big seem to be Vegas' arena.

    I don't have my backup for the old arenas anymore, as I realized this glitch just recently.

    I wanna import it in game again, I don't care about Vegas arena really. I just want Montreal's Bell Center as it was before.

    Stupid universal mods that ruins my custom modded game... ;)

  • Thank you mate! You're solid as a rock!

    I don't know how, but when I changed "anouncer" back to 15, Montreal suddenly played in Bells Centre again. For some reason it was put on 127.

    I thought "anouncer" only managed the ices. So now it works anyway. But Thank you!

    I have had some small bugs in game after I installed the elite roster arenas. It has caused me more problems than joyment sometimes.

    But successively I have managed to restore the most things. But it really did mess up some small things here and there for me.

    I think I will stop mod the arenas from now on and focus on roster updates and cybers :)

  • Torrausch

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