Portrait addons crash the game

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  • I recently attempted to install portrait addons I made for NHL 08 and NHL 09, both of which resulted in unusual activity (i.e., game crashes)

    I tried a few things to try and get them to work, for example:

    1. Using FshX to import a png created using Photoshop's default settings for that type into the fsh file (which I did with the NHL 09 portrait).
    2. Doing the same with a DDS file of the DXT5 type (which I did for the NHL 08 portrait).
    3. Giving myself full control of the NHL 08 and 09 folders.
    4. Putting choice.exe into the main game folder, then moving it to a new folder (rather than deleting it, since the last thing I want to do is consistently go back to System32 in order to grab the file again)

    Yet, all ended up with the same result; the games crashe any time they try to load the portrait.

    How screwed am I?

    2814.zip This is the portrait I made for NHL 08, featuring a fictional player named Raiden Miura.

    0604.zip This is the portrait I made for NHL 09, featuring a fictional player named Rudik Zakaryan.

    If anyone has any luck installing these addons for their respective games, please let me know what I did wrong.

  • Yes, file 0604.big crashed my game too. Using FshX you import a png file in 0604.fsh, but how you created big file? And which windows system you have? Because, as i remember, choice.exe not working on Windows 7 and 10.

    Looks like problem is in big file, because i export 0604.fsh from big, then i packed it with Facepack Creator and it not crashed my game. So, that's mean, you packed your big files wrong.

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