S11 Kickoff and offseason events

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  • Here are a few offseason quick notes:

    Trades are officially open. Once your deal is agreed upon, both GMs must send the request by email to the league admins for a panel review before approval/denial.

    If you have a trade offer to a CPU team, send your request by email to the league admins for a panel review before approval/denial.

    You can also catch one of the admins online on Discord to discuss what you had in mind.

    RFAs automatically sign with your team to their NHL amounts. You can follow recent NHL signings on this wonderful website https://www.capfriendly.com/

    if you wish to release a pending RFA from your franchise, you can mail your request to the admins.

    If the RFA is still unsigned when your mail is received, there will be no penalty or cost.

    A full offseason calendar will be posted shortly.

    Enjoy the time off everyone and good luck with your offseason plans!

  • blinky May 18, 2024 at 12:45 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “S11 Kickoff” to “S11 Kickoff and offseason events”.
  • Below is a list of all events planned for this offseason, starting with new sign up post, including Entry Draft and UFA Frenzy (as well as a few surprises) all the way thru to the start of the season in late september/early october.

    City swaps!

    New trade panel team

    S11 Sub rewards payouts

    S11 Draft order

    S11 Salary Cap amount

    S11 Transitional Tag - Tagging 1 of your UFA (Transitional Tag program)

    S11 Contract buyouts

    Send out invites for S11 and accept applications for open GM positions

    Official VHA S11 ratings release

    Send out S10 report cards + sub credits bonus

    Crown VHA S10 GM of the Year winner

    S11 Live Entry draft Rounds 1 to 3

    S11 Live Entry draft Rounds 4 and 5

    S11 UFA Frenzy

    New rules and CBA adjustments

    August: Summer IIHF Tournament - new rules testing

    August: VHA S11 package release

    Early September: VHA S11 Rookie camp

    Mid September: VHA S11 Preseason

    Late September: Setting your 23 man roster and cap compliance

    Early October: Start of the VHA S11 Regular Season