can you import new menu music with nhl06 streams after installing elite pack w music?

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  • Hey there community!

    I installed the elite roster 23-24 with all the 5 packs (menu, faces, jerseys etc.)

    I like it very much and the changed music in game is also great.
    However, im really a sucker for the old NHL menu music fom NHL98-2001, so I wanted to work on the streams.dat with the nhl06 streams.

    It is not possible though it says the file is corrupt - I guess it is because the elitepack also imported music and so this is not the original streams.dat anymore.

    So my question is how can I manage to keep all the imported music from the elite roster but still change the menu music, intermission and after game music to the songs that I prefer?

    Is this possilbe at all? If anyone can help me out, Im very happy!

  • So I actually blew up my game trying and have now reset it to a state before installing elite roster.

    i imported my wanted music with the nhl06 streams.

    So perhaps the updated question is, can I import the stuff from the elite roster and somehow make sure, that my menu, intermission and win game music stays as I configured it?