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NHL goalies 2017-2018

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  • Kings1171: the three new pads are looking good. You can use my mask for the next pack and you don't have to aks every time!


    Spidey said I suck and he will be making the new stuff. I just started last season. He said my gear is terrible. I WILL NOT BE ANYMORE WORK FOR WASSERLASSER Site.

    Spidey - I love your work and you and many others inspired me but I am done with making anything anymore. Its my passion to make these for MY GAME!! Not for all of you. I just share what I can do. If I suck at it. I suck. I am f***ing 47 years old and I do this for me and my son since 2014.

    I am just going to wait for all of you to do your work and then install the new mods from Splinter Ice. Download any of your guys stuff. Thanks for your support bro. :(.

    Later to all of you on Wasserlasser. It's been fun. I will come in about a month or so to see if anyone of you made some new stuff.

  • Kings1171 it´s my opinion that your goalie-gears are great addon´s and we all do our best. I think were are working together to held the old NHL09 actually in the best way can.

    So i´m astonished that one guy can say your work suck and you will not be anymore work for our site. You aks me, if i can help you with shedule. It took me a long night since dawn to modifie the shedule with MaddenEditor with 1274 games (by manuelly tiping every game, team and date). Hoq horrible it was, that my shedule doesn´t work and my game crashes. I do that, because you ask for my help. And you telled me your way how it works. I´m 49 years old and in october there wil be my 50th birthday and at the moment i´m very buisy on my job. It´s my passion to, that i make addon´s for me and share it to all of you.

    And a tell it again: your and ranger11 goalie-gears inspired me to word on goalie-gears for IIHF and Eurpean League teams. So don´t be disappointed and share your goalie-gears with the mask of ranger11 here again. The most of us are proud to have your work.

    Very friendly greets



                                                                                                                                                                DEL-Meister 2005/2006/2008/2009/2011/2012/2013

  • Spidey it´s not ok to use these hard words, in my opinion they were very totally arrogant. you told us on august you will make your comeback here. Now it´s near the end of september and nothing.

    Sorry we all do it for fun and for all of you.

    So all can download the files if the want and if it´s there opinion the files are bad so don´t download the files. the better way i think is to do better work and say: look here so it is higher qualtiy if you do it so.

    You are in the happy situation, that my english isn´t the best and i´m so angry to write, what i´m thinking. You are warned, at first thinking and then writing. You don´t help anyone with that action.:cursing:


                                                                                                                                                                DEL-Meister 2005/2006/2008/2009/2011/2012/2013

  • Icetiger1067

    You know your right. Spidey has been doing it for 14 years. Me just 1. I do schedules and sounds. I took a crack at. I like it. His standard is higher because he is a pro. I am a novice or a beginner.

    Speaking of the schedule. Did you add the Vegas Golden Knights Roster to All-Stars East? It needs to have a Roster. So The All-Star East Team plays but, is not recorded in the standings. My schedule only has 1230 done in NHL View. Give me a few minutes and I will put up fraps.

    I am back. I will be making a small file with ones ranger11 made up top.

  • Kings1171 i´m really glad that you are back again.

    i add Vegas as EasternAllstarTeam with my long shedule (1270 games) but it crashes and i´m not able to select Vegas (there were only the 30 teams in the season frame. i´m very interested of your frap pictures, how you do that.

    You can test my shedule with 1270 games, maybe it´s the failure. The only you have to, is to rename test.tdb in nhlsch_2tdb

    P.s. i have aktivate your new goalie pack just on time:P

    ranger11 great work together with Kings1171:thumbup:


    • test.zip

      (6,09 kB, 40 Mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: )


                                                                                                                                                                DEL-Meister 2005/2006/2008/2009/2011/2012/2013

  • ranger11   Kings1171

    I am sorry I have not been online as much lately but Icetiger1067 reached out to me about the posts in the last couple of hours.

    The thing is very easy, we all do this for our personal enjoyment and fun. Nobody makes money and some just started and others have done it since they can walk. I don't care and I never have. If people are willing to spend their personal time to create something for others they deserve to be recognized for it. I know my work is not perfect and people point that out to me. The thing is how they point it out. Are they just bashing my work and try to make them feel better or are they trying to make me better? If they help me become better I really appreciate it. I really want people to be engaged and help each other out and make the AddOns better. But just lashing out and making others feel bad, this is not what we stand for and this has cost others their log in already. I have done the same here now. I have blocked the User because this is not what I want here.

    All of us who work on these AddOns are a team and we want you ranger11 and you Kings1171 to be part of this team. If people think they can do it better, have them do it better. If people want to download your AddOn, they will.

    Kings1171 don't take your anger out on the site with its Users. People recognize what you do here. Don't hold all of us accountable for the actions of one and stay here and do your stuff.

    Hope to see you around


  • Thanks sir. I will continue. As I stated above.

  • Kings1171 Continue with ranger11 with good work on that goalies. I also had so much hate back in 2012 when I started to create addons. There aren't almost any tutorials so it's difficult to learn how to make addons so perferctly how Spidey thinks. If he want to has all goalies masks to be 100% perfectly, why he doesn't make some youtube tutorial series on: How to make goalie masks from real mask?

    And here take a look

    -my first jersey from 2012 on left and on the right, one of my NCAA Modpack jersey from 2017


    Also there is one of my first masks from 2013 on left and on the right one of my fantasy masks from 2016:


  • Kings1171 It's fine that you'll stay here in our Team. It is so easy to make the work of others bad, but this is not OK. No one of us makes a perfect work, but we do that for fun. I agreed with Wasserlasser and Icetiger1067 , if anyone thinks he can do it better, he has to prove, that he can do it. This malicious critism from Spidey wasn't correct, so don't pay any attention to it. We are all happy to have you in our team.

    Best Greeting


  • Kane98

    Dude! Those are amazing!!! How long have you been doing them? I seen these on TBN way back bro. I just started making pads blockers and trappers with my templates starting last season. I am the one who made the Mini-Packs with ranger11 last season and I am going to continue to help him with his stuff. I am not a pro. But I feel I am doing hard work. I get all my gear from PADSTRACKER.COM and they also have blank templates for CCM, Bauer, Brians, and all others to upload into Photoshop. CCM and Bauer has a creator on its site for customize. Save them and upload them into PS. The best site to find pads and photos are on that site. Bar none. Thanks Kane98 bro you and many inspired me to do these. I used to do just schedules and sounds now I do everything except MASK. I my made cybers too. Many of them.

  • it is always the same, why so disrespectful to others work? It is so simple, if you don't like others work than don't use it. Nobody's perfect and from my experience no one gets better when is called out. We all do this for fun, to get our loved game up to date. So be respectful and if you can do it better, then show us here.

  • Hey Ice! I figured it out! But, we are still going to go with my saved 2018 Season because it will not crash. Let me know ASAP if you choose to do it my way or not. Remember only 1230 games will be played. You will have to determine your playoffs in April the Vegas Golden Knights will not be included in the standings but can be played. WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

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