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To All My Beathrens Today Is A Sad Day: THE END OF NHL 09 PC For Kings1171

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  • The end has become a reality. My wife destroyed my game and erased all of my files and broke my CDs erased all of the NHL 09 period from my computer. She said, "It is time for you to grow up your almost 50 for Christ stakes!" I have been married to her for 21+ years and she is the love of my life not NHL 09 PC. Its just game. A hobby. A relaxation time when I want to get away from it all. But, I have been totally neglecting her and my family doing all this for my enjoyment and to share with you all.

    So, Wasserlasser you sir have great website. All that I created and shared is all yours now. I will need you to kill my account and it was a pleasant pleasure knowing all of you. ;(

    Life, my wife, and family are more important than a game that we all try to keep alive. She is right though, if she wasn't I would say G.F.Y.S.. But, I am not single or young anymore and my family is all I got.

    You guys continue my Legacy. Use whatever I shared. Continue on. But, all of you need to remember it is just an old PC Game that's it. It will never give you LIFE, LOVE, FAMILY and HONOR. Those are the most important things we all need to have and for it is my time to grow up.

    Take care all you,

    Pasqualino-Antonio Guadagni D'Anna


    I f*****g want to throw up now. <X

  • That's a pity! I realy enjoy your work and your ideas to keep NHL09 for all of us up to date. Yes it´s an old game and yes it´s a hobby. I´m almost 50 years old too, but my wife is enjoyed to keep the game up to date, so i´m a very happy man. The most of us are not the younger generation. In the mod-team we´re all a little bit older than 40, but we enjoy editing NHL 09.

    So Pasqualino i will miss you here and your great work (noone does inspire a group of addoner to create all the goalies of NHL 2017/18).

    I wish you all the best and i hope you think about not to kill your account. It`s a forum too, here you can talk about hockey and otherthings.

    Take care too, and i´m proud to work here with you together.

    Bye Kings1171


    Icetiger1067 (Andy)

  • Well I just got hit with a ton bricks boys. My 47 year wife is pregnant. That was the whole reason why! F me sides. I am going to be Dad again. My 3rd kid. We have a 21 - 17 and now in September or October again to a new one. Holy s**t this just got bigger for me no? I will communicate when she is a sleep. Now I understand, its life I guess. Wow 48 and a daddy again. Unreal. Guess God has something planned for me I guess.

    See you,




    I am moving to California on Thursday. My wife and I for the last month now have decided that we need to make this work so I will not be getting a divorce which was scheduled for the 31st. I will be moving soon to her and my home in Cali. I am sorry boys but, I am out forever and modding is done for me. My life and my health and my wife and my family will always come first. It was a pleasure knowing you all. This will be my last correspondence. Since ROSTERS are not final I will not be uploading changes as I will have to start packing my Computer shit and what not. Sorry about that. KINGS1171 is officially ending here on WASSERLASSER. Take care and God Bless.

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