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last post from Kings1171 at the

For all you cyberfaces lovers part 2

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  • ALEX IAFALLO - LOS ANGELES KINGS (Made completely by me from scratch). I am slowly coming back boys. I now can do more without hassle.

  • You'll get into trouble Kings1171


    What are you talking about? Please explain? My wife left me if that is what you are referring to. She moved out and went back to Cali with her Mom. We are divorcing in July.

  • Hi please for advice How do you do or File And you would not try please make one face Thank you

  • Hi please for advice How do you do or File And you would not try please make one face Thank you

    Dude speak English I do not understand you.

  • Code
    Please do Jon Gillies thanks<img src="http://wasserlasser.com/index.php?attachment/9121-gillies-jpg/&thumbnail=1" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="9121" id="wcfImgAttachment0">

  • @Petr32

    He is not on my roster (Amnesiac's) What is his number? I will make him

  • Code
    So you're done with the work

    Go look in FILEBASE. I have several packs made already. I made the Calgary Flames already but, Gillies is not on the any roster made (Amnesiacs, Wasserlasser, or Elite)


    JON GILLIES - CALGARY FLAMES - FACE 9690 - (CREATED BY ME on 2005 FACES VIV FACE 545. IT IS NOW FACE 9690. I WILL UPLOAD THIS FILEBASE. AMNESIACS ROSTER does not have Jon Gillies. Once in roster he will show.


    These neanderthal faces from 2005 suck ass! But, I tried @Petr32 

    He will be in FILEBASE

  • Continuing CAROLINA HURRICANES PACK tomorrow starting with DEREK RYAN where I left off. See you all. Good night.

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