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Faces of Hockey by jcNYR7

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  • Here I will be displaying all 30 NHL team player photos that I will be updating and adding to our wonderful game in the next few weeks. I will do my best and try and aim for a start of season release for all packs but until then I will be making a flurry of photos and updating the teams I have already done as NHL training camp and exhibition proceed.

    Here is how I have now figured how to make my player photos for the game,

    Firstly I search as many full photos from https://www.gettyimages.ca/ as possible, then I individually search for the best possible photo for any players not on Getty, crop all of them one by one to where it looks best (not just a severed head) remove.bg one by one after then in Photoshop I resize width % to around 125-130 depending on photo then when copied in template I set layer height to 1.5 in, center the image, sharpen, remove black and white matte, jersey swap and edit any players that need proper team apparel

    DONE !

    each team has taken about 3 hrs per so far but I'm getting quicker

    that being said I need to be careful 🙃

    I know this is a somewhat tedious method but I find that using full sized HD images from Getty gives the best result

  • jcNYR7

    Changed the title of the thread from “Faces of Hockey” to “Faces of Hockey by jcNYR7”.
  • Hi my first 2. png pictures ELH Kladno


    • 0370.png
    • Barinka.png
  • Okay, after a few adjustments to some photos and adding a few more players to the team album

    once again here are the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Champions

    The St. Louis Blues

    and the team that battled them for the cup in the final

    The Boston Bruins

    and, in respect to the 2019 AHL Calder Cup Trophy winners

    The Carolina Hurricanes

    more to come

  • now, we have the obvious :saint:

    8 picks in the 2019 NHL Draft including the famed Kappo Kakko

    Signed Artemi Panarin and the Russian trio Igor Shestyorkin, Vitali Kravtsov and Yegor Rykov

    and King Henrik ready to prove he is still the KING !!

    My favorite team in all of sports

    The New York Rangers

    In respect to the winners of the 2019 NHL Draft and signing the number 1 pick Jack Hughes

    and also lucking out in signing a star Russian Nikita Gusev

    my rivals

    The New Jersey Devils

    to finish off the great New York city rivalry we have a team that has shown it has what it takes to compete and go far in the league

    another team lucky enough to sign another star Russian prospect Ilya Sorokin

    The New York Islanders

    more to be shown but in light of new team picture days coming for 2019-20 season I may slow down or hold off production to update what I have done 8)

  • Torrausch

    58 new 2019-20 Player Photos

    St. Louis Blues


    38 new 2019-20 player photos

    New York Islanders

    and here are some fresh packs for your viewing pleasure

    The 2019 NHL President's Trophy Winners

    Tampa Bay Lightning

    and the battle of Ontario between my home city and the capitol of Canada

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    Ottawa Senators

    stay tuned for more fresh team albums and updates

  • Torrausch
  • not ALL photos are new, only what's available from Getty Images for 2019-20 and not every team is on there quite yet

    go to gettyimages.com and type in 'any team' poses for his official headshot for the 2019-2020 season

    search each team individually to see who is available

    here's who I have currently finished with the available new 2019-20 team photos

    Boston Bruins

    Carolina Hurricanes

    Montreal Canadiens

    New York Islanders

    New York Rangers

    Ottawa Senators

    St. Louis Blues

    Tampa Bay Lightning

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    I am currently working on updating Anaheim Ducks and Arizona Coyotes as they finally got new photos in and then I will continue alphabetically with all the remaining teams that have new photos available which I already have saved and ready to be edited into .big PNG's for the game

    all the team albums I am making are relevant to eliteprospects.com NHL team roster depth charts, AHL rosters and any relevant transactions and I have made some adjustments to some teams that I have shown already to ensure v.1.0 of every pack is tip top before I start to release them next week

    :huh: did I just say that out loud..........

  • after checking again ALL 2019-20 team photos are now available at Getty and I have them all saved ready to go

    as I said above, I am updating what I've shown first so the Ducks, Coyotes and Devils are on my work order at the moment and will be ready by the weekend

    Just want to ask, did you find the new portraits of Minnesota and Pittsburgh on Getty? I haven't seen any of them.

  • Torrausch
  • I have ALL team photos saved ready to be worked on

    Im working on Columbus now and I'm waiting for V to get me some missing id's for BUF, CHI, COL, and CAL before I reveal what I have done since the last showing....

    I am going to start releasing each pack team by team day by day tomorrow evening starting with Anaheim and continue on alphabetically from there

  • Torrausch

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