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Playing and scheduling your games

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  • Playing and scheduling games

    Each GM is responsible for being pro-active in scheduling their games with their fellow VHA members as they become available on the server by using any of the following methods:

    • The preferred method of communication is Discord. Check for incoming messages regularly.
    • You can also use the scheduling thread on the messageboard to set up a game time, specifying your availability.
    • E-mail is acceptable
    • If you don't hear back from your opponent, you may message any member of the Admin Team with a request to play a sub
    • If neither team sets up a time to play on the message board and the game are still unplayed by the end of the scheduling period, it will be simmed. This is needed to ensure a smooth running pace to this League.
    • The home team will always host games.

    A Sub

    In order to keep the VHA schedule moving forward, it may be necessary to play a sub with VHA Admin Team approval, who can be any VHA GM you enjoy playing against.

    CPU Teams

    Games vs the CPU are not allowed. Instead, we allow you to play a sub.


    Please replay the game while recreating the score, no matter when the game crashes. For example, if your team is leading by 2 goals, then you can recreate the game, score a couple (using manual goalie) and skate around until you can continue from where the game cut off.

    If you're unable to complete your game, please inform the Admin Team to decide the course of action.

    You have the option to replay the game from scratch only if both GMs agree to it.

  • Status

    ANA - CPU Team - get a sub

    BOS - CPU Team - get a sub

    BUF - CPU Team - get a sub

    CAR - Nomowhale - playing games

    CBJ - CPU Team - get a sub

    CGY - Roicho - playing games

    CHI - CPU Team - get a sub

    COL - UnknownUsername - playing games

    DAL - Dead Things - playing games

    DET - Rich-Det - playing games

    EDM - Gary B - playing games

    FLA - Russ - get a sub

    LA - Krystek - playing games

    MIN - Rulii - playing games

    MTL - blinky - playing games

    NJ - rjbox11 - playing games

    NSH - CPU Team - get a sub

    NYI - Jake The Rat - playing games

    NYR - CPU Team - get a sub

    OTT - @PinchQc1 - playing games

    PHI - Ron Flextall - playing games

    PIT - Normn78 - playing games

    SJ - CPU Team - get a sub

    STL - nigrandesz - playing games

    TB - EdmOil5 - playing games

    TOR - Leafs420 - post playoff sweep syndrome - out indefinitely - get a sub

    VAN - owengreaves - playing games

    VGK - Ribbonz - placed on IR - get a sub

    WPG - julbravogolf - playing games

    WSH - CPU Team - get a sub

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