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Dallas Stars trade block

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  • Available Players:


    C Noel Acciari (PWF) - OA 78 - $1.5M - UFA in 21/22

    C Phillip Danault (PLY) - OA 82 - $3.1M - UFA in 21/22

    RM Michael Grabner (DNG) - OA 78 - $3.4M - UFA in 21/22

    C John Larsson (PWF) - OA 78 - $1.6M - UFA in 20/21

    LW Brad Marchand - OA 88 - $6.4M - UFA in 22/23

    RW Kyle Okposo (PWF) - OA 80 - $5.3M - UFA in 20/21

    RW Carter Rowney (PWF) - OA 78 - $1.3M - UFA in 21/22

    LW Blake Pietila (PWF) - OA 74 - $0.8/$0.4M - UFA in 20/21

    C Kevin Rooney (PWF) - OA 76 - $0.7M - UFA in 20/21


    D John Gilmour (OD) - OA 75 - $0.7M - UFA in 20/21

    D Steven Santini (DD) - OA 76 - $1.4M - RFA in 21/22

    D Christian Folin (DD) - OA 76 - $0.9M - UFA in 20/21

    D Cameron Gaunce (DD) - OA 74 - $0.7M - UFA in 20/21

    Looking for:

    Prospects and/or draft picks

    Keep in mind, guys not listed here may be available if the return offer satisfies my "looking for" requirements - so it never hurts to ask!

  • An update to the Dallas Stars trade block:

    Phil Danault has been dealt, so is no longer available.

    Highlight on a few pure rental players who may be useful to playoff-bound teams:

    - Okposo is a solid 2-way player and a right-handed shot that can shore up most teams' third line

    - Larsson can add a veteran presence to the middle of your fourth line, plus be a good faceoff guy on the PK

    - Look at what John Gilmour has done in the AHL: he'd be a good 7th d-man or depth piece at OD in case of injury

    - Pietila is on a 2-way contract so can easily be stashed in the minors and available in case you get ravaged by the randomizer - can be had for the stick of gum from your pack of O-Pee-Chees

    In all cases, Dallas is willing to talk about eating salary if you're facing a cap crunch and the return warrants it.

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