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    I am going to teach you this program so you can have as much music as you like. MUSIC is an amazing thing to have in the game, so I am going to tell you step by step how to operate NHL06 Streams Editor and tell you what is in each stream.

    First you must have in the AUDIO/STREAMS folder which is in the NHL 09 MAIN folder: menu Tune.viv, Streams.dat, and Streams.viv. If you do, you are in business!


    Open NHL06Streams Editor. This program will recognize what you are about to do. (I always leave it in the WINRAR or ZIP because the SX.exe is in there and it is needed for it to run correctly).

    You will get a program box looks like this:


    Click File

    Click Open

    Locate your STREAMS.DAT in the AUDIO/STREAMS folder (If your file is corrupt or missing definitions it will not let you do anything to it without the original folders you will have to get all 3 from your disc or from your digital download they are located in a zip folder called G03g). You may or may not need this. If not, it will let you open the STREAMS.DAT.

    Inside you will find 30 streams:


    Stream 0 is the AWAY GOAL sounds (BOO) all sounds are Boos. You can change these streams with a ditty of your choice (the time frame must be 15 seconds and it is required, or it will crash).


    Stream 1 (Do not change it is hard coded into the game).

    Stream 2 (Do not change it is hard coded into the game).

    Stream 3 (Can be changed this is the End of Period song (basically INTERMISSION such as the NBCSN theme which I use in my game or music but you cannot add additional streams to this it will crash). You can only do 1. Each time you do anything. SAVE IT!!!!!!!!! EVERY TIME!!!!! This is imperative! The directory folder should be NHL 09/preload/SAVE! Understand.


    Stream 4 (Is a song or a sound used for Shoot Out before it starts (ARE... YOU... READY…)! That is mine in my game.


    Stream 5 (This where all the fun begins)!!!!! FACE-OFF MUSIC! Here you can add thousands of songs and sounds. But DO NOT CHANGE the primaries!!!!! If you add songs, they can only to be 15 seconds long on a loop it will do it automatically for these streams, but it is wise to make them 15 seconds to save space.



    Stream 6 (FIGHT SONGS) When you fight a song will play. There are only 4 slots, but you can add thousands if you wish. I rarely fight so I keep mine at 4.


    Stream 7 (OFF PLAY in between) These need to be 20 seconds long they will conclude as soon as play resumes. You can add thousands of songs here! I have over 200 in my game!



    Stream 8 (GOAL scored SONGS) If you change any of these, they need to be 25 seconds long or less and written like this: G_BAND NAME. I deleted mine to 3 because my KINGS horn last 25 seconds and includes the song. You can do whatever you want with these, but they can be deleted or added. Your choice. Tip: If you delete them you can have a longer GOAL HORN with SONG.


    Stream 9 (INJURY) there is only 1 sound and it should not be changed at all.

    Stream 10 is your Introduction SETUP where the announcer tells you who is playing (Mine is NBCSN theme with announcers because my game is on NBCSN game clock). Always listen to the playbacks using the EDITOR it will allow you hear them. This can be up to 1:30 seconds if you intend to change it like I did.

    Stream 11 is blank for a purpose DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THIS STREAM! Capsici!!!

    Stream 12 (There is a song when you LOSE a game). Why you may ask? EA Sports people were high when they made this back in 2008 that’s why.

    Stream 13 MENU SONGS (You can change up to 16 Menu Songs (They need to be the BAND NAME (you get a pop up on the right side of the program for the description).



    Stream 14 (LEAVE ALONE it is HARD CODED)!!!!!

    Stream 15 (LEAVE ALONE it is HARD CODED)!!!!! SHOULD NEVER be mess with! It will make game crash.

    Stream 16 (LEAVE ALONE it is HARD CODED)!!!!!

    Stream 17 PENALTY AWAY TEAM (There are 7 sounds here, but you can add to it if you like (I personally like them the way they are).


    Stream 18 PENALTY HOME TEAM (There are only 2 sounds here, but you can add to it as many as you like (25 seconds or less that shorter the better).

    Stream 19 PHOTO SONG (When you win the STANLEY CUP) Mine is "We Are the Champions" – by Queen

    Stream 20 PRE-OPENING FACE OFF in PLAYOFFS (There is only one and you change it but, cannot add).

    Stream 21 PUCK OUT OF PLAY (When the puck goes off the ice into the crowd there is a sound or song).

    Stream 22 ROUND WIN in the PLAYOFFS Song (Only 1) It can be changed.

    Stream 23 ROUND LOSS in PLAYOFFS If you lose in the playoffs and are eliminated there is a song. Why you just lost. EA Sports stupidity there.

    Stream 24 STANLEY CUP VICTORY SONG 1 song (default is PANIC AT THE DISCO – Nine in the Afternoon. You can change it but, you cannot add to this stream.

    Stream 25 STANLEY CUP LOSS SONG 1 song (EA Sports for you). You can change it or delete it.

    Stream 26 TENSION SONGS (Pressure in 3rd period when down or in OT) Change, Add, or Delete.


    Stream 28 WIN a GAME during NHL Season Song you can add as many as you like.

    Stream 29 These are for World Cups win SONG you can add here too

    Stream 30 These are for World Cups loss SONG same here

    Once you are done and SAVED for the final time. Click File and EXIT.

    Now go to NHL 09 Main Folder


    (Sometimes there are padlocks on file (menu tune.viv and streams.viv) if they are you must unlock them before doing the next step. You must change the SECURITY to remove the locks). If not, proceed to the PRELOAD folder.

    In the PRELOAD there will be 3 files we need to fix. Using BigGUI


    Open each one using BigGUI and see if the the streams.dat is there. If it is, boom! You are almost done. If it needs to be updated, you will need to import it from the AUDIO/STREAMS and compress it and rebuild it.


    But if not, the last step is to run the Wasserlasser Toolbox.

    You now have all the songs and sounds!