amnesiac's roster (Free Agent Frenzy / Vegas) 1.0.3

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these are my own rosters

These are highly accurate up to date rosters and player attributes for NHL09 on PC (updated for NHL and the World Cup of Hockey only: CAN, USA, RUS, SWE, CZE, FIN, EUR, NA.

amnesiac's roster 2017-18

These are highly accurate up to date rosters and player attributes for NHL09 on PC. They are updated for NHL and the World Cup of Hockey only (CAN, USA, RUS, SWE, CZE, FIN, EUR, NA). AHL, Euro, and KHL teams are not updated. Personally, I have no interest in updating these.... Roster is updated regularly, see version for most recent updates.

Team lines are done by myself and may not be accurate to date, as they get changed too often in real life.... Players' salaries are not updated, as the league cap cannot be changed.

The height and weight for 95% of the NHL players has been adjusted to 6'1, 205 lbs. The reason for this is because tall and heavy players are too slow, while short and light players are too fast in the game. This way Im able to adjust the players' speed and acceleration relative to each other without have to guess, as speed is the most important/dominant attribute in the game. That being said, I do slightly adjust the extreme tall players to have some noticeable appearance in the game (ie. 6'4 players are put to 6'2, 6'5 to 6'3, etc). All in all its barely noticeable, and it makes the game more fair, in my opinion. No I will not change them back.

Created teams:

- Vegas Golden Knights (Habs Legends Team)

- Team Europe (Team Japan) from the 2016 WCH (players such as: Hossa, Kopitar, Halak, Chara, Josi...).

- Team NA (23 and under) (Team Kazakhstan) from the 2016 WCH (players such as: McDavid, MacKinnon, Gaudreau, Eichel, Ekblad...).

- Additional NHL "All-Star teams". Apart from actual 2015 All-Star teams, Ive created 3 pairs of the best possible teams from East and West under: All-Star A East and West, All-Star B, and All-Star C.

- Battle of Canada tournament. 3 teams: Team West (BC, AB, SK, MB), Team Ontario, and Team East (QC and Maritimes).

- "All-Time Legends" teams, including players such as: Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux, Roy, Plante, Lafleur, Richard, Bossy to name a few. The 2 teams are Team Gretzky and Team Orr. See below for facepack and cybers (credit to Turbo 6, Slomo76, Jo-Naz, heninsh).

- "Young Gun Teams" consisting of current NHLers and prospects born in 1994 or later. The 2 teams are under the Colorado Eagles and Mississippi Riverkings.

You will find all 11 of these teams in the Amnesiac's All-Stars league, as well as the regular 2015-16 All-Star teams (Team Central/Pacific= Western, Team Atlantic/Metro = Eastern). Hope you like them.

Installation Instructions

** Please BACKUP your exhibition.exh, db.viv, and local.viv files before proceeding **

Step 1:

Copy and Paste or unzip exhibition.exh and exhibition.exha.tdb to your USER or My Documents\NHL09 FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the files.

Step 2:

Copy and Paste or unzip db.viv to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09\db FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the file.

Step 3:

Copy and Paste or unzip local.viv to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09\fe FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the file. (credit to CGYFlames for string edits)

Step 4:

Copy and Paste or unzip BHimport09_with_IDX, genbhnhl, gfxpak to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09 FOLDER (if you dont have them already).

Step 5:

Download and install pmomo2006's Play by Play, follow his instructions

Click on BHimport09_with_IDX

That should do it!


-- If you have problems running the game after following these steps and you have Vista or Win 7/8/10, I suggest disabling the UAC as it blocks BHimport from copying the files Disable User Account Control (UAC) the Easy Way on Win 7, 8, or 10 . Although please beware as this makes your computer more vulnerable.

-- Youll should get Jason King's icepack 16 and lprow28's Sochi 2014 Olympics Icepack (and boards) to play with National teams (links below):

Jason King's Icepack 16 (HD),

Newest NHL Icepack -…ategory-file-list/75-nhl/

lprow28's Sochi 2014 Icepack,

Shadow's Vancouver boards ver 3.2,

-- The All-Time Legends teams facepack and cybers can be downloaded here,

Copy all big, ebo, and fsh files to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09 FOLDER.

Click addon_installer and wait until its done. Then click BHimport.

Enjoy my roster :S


  • Version 1.0.3

    J.Demers to ARI

    J.McGinn to FLA

    several rookies added

    jersey numbers currently being updated

  • Version 1.0.2

    W.Butcher, D.Stafford to NJD

    M.Hendricks to WPG

    A.Kerfoot to COL

    F.Beauchemin to ANA

    M.Cullen to MIN

    N.Prosser to STL

    S.Gionta to NYI

  • Version 1.0.1

    J.Oduya to OTT

    M.Streit to MTL

  • Version 1.0.0

  • I'm having trouble getting this to work. When I follow the instructions and launch the .exe, NHL09.exe crashes. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I've disabled UAC as you suggested. if it helps, the batch file spits out 'ImpBIG' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.' on a number of the lines.
  • Amnesiac, are you able to change how its the habs team and just create yours?
    • once the Vegas jerseys are created they can replace the Habs Legends
    • Okay.. when would that approx be?
    • hopefully soon after the season starts... best to ask in the forum
  • For me the best rosters. I like it's often updated.
    • In that case, leave him a like here (just like FB) and I am sure he will appreciate it.