English Toolbox Manual

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  • The Toolbox Manual

    1 Why do I need the Toolbox?

    To install AddOns for NHL 09 you need a lot of different programs. The Toolbox combines all these into one. No more need for several different files or programs. The Toolbox does it all for you.

    2 Toolbox installation

    Download the Toolbox from the Filebase, extract the file and copy the EXE in your NHL 09 folder.

    3 First use of the Toolbox

    Once you start the Toolbox for the first time it will create a folder called "Toolbox" in your NHL folder.

    The Toolbox also checks where you installed your game and saves some files in your NHL folder.

    3.1 Create a backup

    Please make sure that you do a backup of all your original data. The Toolbox can take care of this for you. It backs up all relevant data into a new folder and you can copy it back if needed. You can create as many back ups as wanted in case you want to play with different rosters or AddOns.

    Automatic Backup

    Click on the "Backups" tab.


    If you haven't created a backup yet, the Toolbox will ask you if you want to do that now.


    You did create a backup now. It is in your NHL 09 Folder under Toolbox/Backups/originalbackup.