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  • The Toolbox Manual
    Why do I need the Toolbox?

    To install AddOns for NHL 09 you need a lot of different programs. The Toolbox combines all these into one. No more need for several different files or programs. The Toolbox does it all for you.

    1 Toolbox installation

    Download the Toolbox from the Filebase, extract the file and copy the EXE in your NHL 09 folder.

    2 First use of the Toolbox

    Once you start the Toolbox for the first time it will create a folder called "Toolbox" in your NHL folder.

    The Toolbox also checks where you installed your game and saves some files in your NHL folder.

    2.1 Create a backup

    Please make sure that you do a backup of all your original data. The Toolbox can take care of this for you. It backs up all relevant data into a new folder and you can copy it back if needed. You can create as many back ups as wanted in case you want to play with different rosters or AddOns.

    2.2 Automatic Backup

    Click on the "Backups" tab.


    If you haven't created a backup yet, the Toolbox will ask you if you want to do that now.


    You did create a backup now. It is in your NHL 09 Folder under Toolbox/Backups/originalbackup.

    2.3 Manual backup

    Select a name for your folder and press the button "Create backup"


    Your files are backed up. The folder was created and you can recover your data any time you want.

    3 Data recovery

    3.1 Recover original data

    Simply press the button "Recover" and confirm and all your data from the original backup has been recovered.


    3.2 Recover own backup

    Select the folder you want to recover the data from, press the "Recover" Button and confirm and your backup has been restored.


    4 Install AddOns

    In order to install the AddOns you just need to press the button "Install AddOns" and everything else will be done automatically


    Successful installations are marked with a green checkmark. Errors and/or missing files are marked with a red X. This also includes files that you did not even want to install. If you have no jerseys to install, it will show a red X as it does not find any jersey files.


    5 Boxen

    5.1 Controlbox

    The controlbox shows where your game is installed and which Version you are using


    5.2 Infobox

    The infobox shows general information


    5.3 Loadbox

    You can load the game directly from the App


    6 Change game language

    You can change the game language with the Toolbox.

    You can see which language the game is set to and which other languages are available. Click on a flag and the game language will be changed to it.


    7 Fix wrong ice format

    It is possible that the ice does not show correctly once you start installing the new ice textures.

    It might look somewhat like this.


    This is because you downloaded and installed new ice textures but did not install the supported format.

    Fixing this is easy.

    First, select which ice format you want to install


    NHL Ices are used for NHL and AHL teams.

    International ices are used for all other teams.

    You can choose either or, or both.

    After clicking the button, the format will be installed.

    You can now go ahead and install all ices you want. In case you have a mix of ices in the NHL category some will be displayed incorrectly.

    8 Install transparent logos

    In order to use additional teams, you need to change the existing logos to transparent ones. If you don't do that, the new Logos (Vegas for example) will be covered by the default logos.

    Simply click on "Install" and this is done for you.


    9 Convert player pictures from other rosters

    We all know that the Wasserlasser Roster is the best roster out there ;)

    What can you do though if player pictures are generated for another roster and you want them in your game?

    Easy, convert them with the Toolbox.

    Open the converter


Comments 25

  • It doesn't say where to put the addon files. For example I downloaded a Winnipeg Jets jersey/logo pack, it unzips to a 'Winnipeg Jets 2018\Winnipeg Jets' folder with 'Jerseys' (JERS_ATL_00.big, letters001_0.fsh,num001...) and 'Logo' (LOGO_LRG_ATL.big...) with 'addon_installer' and 'BHImport09'.

    Where do I need to put these files so that the Toolbox can find them and use them?

    • In the folder where you installed the game.

    • OK thanks, works great and cleans up after itself. I was overthinking it.

  • I click install addon's and get red "X" on everything

    • me too don't know what i did wrong?

    • Ask in the Forum

    • I thought this was the forum?

    • And this is where you are wrong. This is the comment section, which you can see by the word Comment on top of it...

  • Hallo lieber WL,

    Die Gesichter den Spielern passen nicht. Ich habe nur Ihre Dateien heruntergeladen und habe auf "Install AddOns," geklickt. Alle neue Spieler sind da, nur die Gesichter passen ueberhaupt nicht. Wie kann ich das aendern?

    Danke und Gruss

    • Das kommt drauf an was runter geladen wurde und ob es kompatibel ist. Bitte im Thread besprechen.

  • if you have trouble installing the add-ons run the toolbox as administrator. this helped me.

  • cannot get installed at all

    • Please write questions in the support thread instead of the comments so others can jump in and help.

  • i keep getting error

  • Can you do a video tutorial for us please.

  • Can you do a video tutorial for us please.

    • Where do you need help?

    • I have installed the toolbox. But I cannot update the roster.

      I have selected English as the language but still some buttons are in German.

    • What do you mean you can not update the roster?

      Did you copy all files or what exactly are you doing?

      Please write questions in the support thread instead of the comments so others can jump in and help.

  • how to change language to english on this ?

    • Click on the flag on the top left to change it to the language you want. Some parts might not be translated so let me know.

    • Thanks!! That helped :D

      BTW following highlighted places still need to be translated.

    • Can you please post all that over here NHL Toolbox

      I will get on it right after lunch if you post it over there.