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To install this AddOn you need the Toolbox


Das Schweizer Taschenmesser für AddOns

***** English below *****

Ein Tool, mit dem sich alles machen lässt was das Herz begehrt.

Installiert alle AddOns mit einem Knopfdruck.

Einfach die Downloads (Trikots, Eisflächen, Roster etc.) in den NHL Ordner packen, die Toolbox starten und installieren.


Es werden keine weiteren Programme benötigt, die Toolbox bringt alles mit.

Du kannst auch Sicherheitskopien der verschiedenen NHL Versionen erstellen.

Hier das Handbuch - Toolbox Handbuch


A tool that let's you do everything you need to enhance your NHL 09 experience.

Install all AddOns with one button.

Download any AddOn (Jerseys, Ice, Roster etc.) and extract it in your NHL folder, start the Toolbox and install it.


You don't need any additional programs, the Toolbox has it all.

You can even create backups with the Toolbox.

Here is the manual - Toolbox Manual

  • Version 8.1.3

    Änderungen Allgemein

    • Code verbessert, der zu Abstürzen führen kann

    Änderungen NHL Bereich

    • Code verbessert für die Installation der AddOns

    Änderungen EHM 2020 Bereich

    • Code korrigiert, der zu falschen Stärkeberechnungen geführt hat
    • Testweise weitere Felder eingefügt, die aber noch keine Funktion haben


    Changes General

    • Improved code that can lead to crashes

    Changes NHL Area

    • Code improved for the installation of the AddOns

    Changes EHM 2020 range

    • Corrected code that led to incorrect strength calculations
    • Added more fields as a test, but they have no function yet
  • Version 8.1.2

    Änderungen im EHM 2020 Bereich

    Anzahl der Bilder im Ordner wird angegeben

    Saisons werden nun zur berechnung heran gezogen

    Stärke wird ausgegeben

    Kleinere Codeverbesserungn


    Changes in the EHM 2020 area

    Number of images in folder is specified

    Seasons are now used for calculation

    Strength is displayed

    Minor code improvements

  • Version 8.1.1

    Man kann nun die Teamlogos des Eishockeymanagers anzeigen lassen.

    Der Speicherort des Spiels wird nun gespeichert und muss nicht immer neu gesucht werden.

    Kleinere Code Änderungen


    You can now display the team logos of the hockey manager.

    The location of the game is now saved and does not have to be searched for again and again.

    Minor code changes


  • Version 8.1

    Erste Version des Rechners für den Eishockeymanager 2020


    First version of the calculator for the Ice Hockey Manager 2020

  • Version 8.0

    Finally you can name and link your own buttons in the app. You can reset the name and link through the menubar.


    Endlich kannst du deine eigenen Buttons in der App benennen und verlinken. Du kannst den Namen und die Verlinkung über die Menüleiste zurücksetzen.

  • Version 7.1.0

    Ab sofort kann man auch das Gehalt und die Vertragsdauer bei der Spielerstärkenberechnung eingeben und sie werden in der Datei gespeichert.


    You can add the salary and contract length to the player calculation and it will be saved in the player file.

  • Version 7.0.0

    Die Toolbox wurde mit dem String Editor für den Eishockeymanager 2020 erweitert.

    Es wurden auch ein paar kleinere Bugs korrigiert.

  • Version 6.0.0

    *** English below ***


    Man kann ab sofort Spielerbilder anderer Roster mit einem Knopfdruck auf die ID des Wasserlasser Rosters konvertieren.

    Einfach den Konverter aufrufen.


    You can now convert player pictures from other rosters to the Wasserlasser Roster with one click.

    Just start the converter to do so.

  • Version

    *** English below ***


    In dieser Version ist die Berechnung der Spielerstärken aktiv. Man kann diese Stärken dann bequem speichern und mit NHL View ins Spiel einbauen.

    Mit der Funktion "Fix faces.viv" lässt sich die faces.viv ohne HexEditor bearbeiten und man kann nun Cyberfaces und Torhüterausrüstungen einbauen.


    Starting with this Version, you can calculate your players ratings. You can save them and then import them easily into NHL 09.

    With the function "Fix faces.viv" you can edit the faces.viv file with the touch of a button. No more HexEdit needed to install Cyberfaces and goalie equipment.

  • Version 4.0.2

    Code Updates

    Funktionisfähig mit 32Bit Versionen

  • When importing a .big or .fsh files with Toolbox it does not do what the .bat file wants it to do on Windows 10. And none of the files get recognized or deleted when the program completes (TOOLBOX). I literally 100's of files that don't get deleted after running the Toolbox. Help please. Explanation please. Thanks

    • Please write it in the support thread and so far I have no clue what you mean.

  • please tell me,I did everything according to the instructions installed the face of Kucherov, threw the files into the folder, clicked install, the check mark turned green,but the face did not change in the game

  • danke

  • i cant install mods with the toolbox. it always sends a crash and error

  • nice needy tool

  • I ran toolbox ,pressed install addons all I got was red x's.any ideas?

    • yeah, mee too, i cannot install any mods

    • I am sure if there would be a support thread, someone would be able to help.

  • Can't use in 32-bit version of Windows XP

  • Where's the converter? You said there was one.

  • awesome!

  • amazing

  • Very good

  • Es funktioniert nicht überall steht immer ein X.

  • Did this work for anyone?

    I put the file inside NHL/gamedata folder, then started game, but the arena is pink.

    Very glad someone is doing this arena. Any help?

    • What did you try to install?

      And please use the Support Thread for it.

      Like 1
  • Hello:
    I have not been able to import data. It seems like there is a "\" missing at the end of the path to the game.
    I get this error:
    Could not find file 'C:\NHL09\NHL 09letters_000_0.fsh'.
    Any suggestions?


    • Please post it in the support thread and I will check on it right away

  • Danke für die Toolbox

  • very useful and really handy.

    Thank you for this toolbox. it was simply excellent. Just minor comment. I think you should mention to others about placing the main executible files naked right in the main game folder (guess it is Easports/NHL09 folder) in order to successfully install addons. For me I got it wrong number of times before getting it right because I thought I can copy the add-on executable files with its own folder to main game folder. And I guess toolbox does not recognize the files because they were in another folder within the main game folder. And also probably need to mention about BHImport file that come with all the different add-ons with many variations. Need to make it clear whether this BHImport file and other tag along files such as IMPBIG needs to be copied to main game folder if someone is using your Toolbox. Of course if someone is not using the Toolbox, these install files are key. So they need to be in the main game folder. But using Toolbox, it seems like these files are not needed. Only those main add-on files needs to be copied, right? :P

  • Wasserlasser Toolbox

    Great job!

  • Great Tool, but Odd with Steam

    I did a fresh installation of 2009 and downloaded the Toolbox to see how well it worked. For all that it's supposed to do, it worked beautifully. Very easy to drop things in and see that they've been installed.

  • Wasserlasser Toolbox Rating

    Excellent tool!

    Thank you!^^

  • NHL tool

    Easy to install and use.