NCAA 19 Legacy Full Pack 1.1.0

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Mit welchem Roster ist das AddOn kompatibel?
Elite Roster
Wer hat das AddOn erstellt?
Kane98, redfury91

Full NCAA League Mod

NCAA 19 Legacy

NCAA 19 Legacy is project based on not-released and unfinished project NCAA 09 which started at December 2015. NCAA 19 Legacy project features 30 college teams from one of the best US junior hockey league from every side of United States. NCAA 19 has full jersey patch with tofs, in-game jerseys, numbers letters helmets, semi-authentic ices, custom NCAA arena, menu and scoreclock logos, goalies, crowds and much more...

NCAA 19 is compatible with newest Elite Roster and Elite Addons.

You can find more info about mod and teams here: Link to thread page

More previews you can find here: Link to previews page

Note: NCAA 19 not containg authentic rosters, it will replace AHL league

Goalie Pack available here: Filebase

Installation instructions are in .rar file


Kane98 - jersey patch, ices, arena, rosters, logos
redfury91 - goalie patch
Wasserlasser - crowds

Special thanks to :

-senators96 for providing NBCS Logo template

-Demoul for providing a various templates like Player Helmet, Jersey, Torfs


  • Version 1.1.0


  • Version 1.0.0