NEW PLAY BY PLAY FOR NHL09_2018-2019_V1.2 1.2

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With which roster is the AddOn compatible?
Amnesiac Roster
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NEW PLAY BY PLAY FOR NHL09_2018-2019_V1.2

NEW PLAY BY PLAY FOR NHL09_2018-2019_V1.2

Important Info:

Back up your orignal PBP audio files, just in case something goes wrong.

Copy audpbpe.big, audpbpe.idx, audrinke.big and audrinke.idx to your audio\speech directory

and replace the existing files.

Run BHimport09_with_IDX.bat.

Copy the audio2009.txt file in your nhlview directory, and replace the old one.

Edit your DB.viv files in Nhlview with the correct PBP ID from my files.

I included a list of imported audio in excel and a new audio2009.txt for nhlview.

Don't forget to used BHimport with idx included in this file or the play by play won't work.

Take note, I didn't create any of those audio file. I simply imported all the works already made by Vosto2, Thepsyche and Garner.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

Credit by pmomo2015, Vosto2, Thepsyche and Garner.

  • Version 1.2

  • where do i find the nhlview in my folders?

    • This is a good question because i have the same problem but nobody explain it!

  • Hello all, I am newbie here.

    But I want to say thank to all of you, who participate on creation these great addons for NHL09.

    But I would like to ask how did you make that commentary can pronounce new players names? ;)

  • Need create a new PBP PACK!!!

  • Hello, I'm new to all this,how do I edit the DB.viv files in Nhlview with the correct PBP ID?

    • Make sure to close nhlview, and copy my audio2009.txt file in your nhlview directory, and replace it with the new one, then open nhlview and select a player, go to tab identity and change the play-by-play ID number in the drop list.

      If you use amnesiac Roster, he already changed a lot of them by using my audio2009.txt file.

      Hope that help.

    • And with knowledge comes enlightenment !, thank you very much

  • Great work !!

  • just .txt file ?!