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S9 UFA Frenzy

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  • VHA's UFA Frenzy is set to begin Monday August 8 and should wrap up by August 15

    Before each round

    1) Before submitting offers, check your cap space (link TBD)

    The sum total of your offers can never exceed your cap space amount.

    Outstanding offers carry over to the next round, and are taken in consideration towards your total.

    2) You may have high profile unsigned RFAs to consider

    GMs should have a ballpark figure for these players and you are expected to have a reasonable amount leftover to sign these players.

    If you need help assessing the value of your unsigned RFAs, feel free to ask one of the admins.

    We will be happy to help you with this.


    1) Unzip and extract all contents to your desktop (or any folder on your PC)

    2) Run Faeditor124.exe

    3) Select your team from the drop down menu

    NOTE: You may get an Error message that says: "Couldn't find Vitals File, some features may not be available". Just click OK to skip this message.

    NOTE: You may get a 2nd Error message that says: "Scoring.htm not found, Show Last season stats not available". Just click OK to skip this message.

    4) You should see a list of UFAs for this batch. Scroll down the list and start shopping.

    Double-click on a player, another box will open.

    5) Enter Salary in millions, ie. 10 represents $10M (also, 1.275 represents $1.275M -- 0.75 represents $750k)

    5.1) Minimum NHL amount is 0.75 ($750k). Maximum amount of 20% of the VHA Cap amount (16,8M)

    5.11) Minimum AHL amount is 0.08 ($80k).

    5.2) Enter Years, from 1 to 5. Maximum contract length for UFAs in VHA is 5 years.

    5.3) Enter Bonus amount: bonus cannot exceed 50% of the yearly salary offered.

    5.4) Enter pertinent comments for player: There's limited character space, so keep it brief.

    5.5) Click OK to continue.

    6) When you're done making offers, click DONE. A file will called teamname.txt will be generated, ie. DAL.txt. You must email this file to the commissioner in order to register your offer.


    There will be an update every 24 hours, with additional players added to each round.

    Some players will sign quickly when offers are generous (see SIGNED.txt)

    Some will wait for better offers and will remain unsigned and available next round.

    An * next to the team name indicates the leading bid.


    -Offers outstanding count towards your cap spending. Meaning, if your offer was not high enough for the player to sign, those carry to the next round until the player signs.

    -You must retract your offer in order to get that money back to spend on a different player.

    -You can retract your offer if you aren't leading (your team has no * next to it).

    -Select the player and use the RETRACT option in the FA Editor program.


    PLEASE remember that you can only make offers within your available total cap space.

    This is very important. If you exceed your cap amount, ALL your offers will be void for that round.

    This happens AT LEAST once every year. So be careful, keep track of your offers and stay within your budget.

    Feel free to ask anyone that has used this program before for help.

    -- OTHER INFO --

    Multiple round process

    There are usually 6 to 8 rounds of UFA madness.

    With every new round, a new batch of about 30 to 40 UFA players become available to listen to offers.

    Transitional Tags

    The 1st round will include all players with a TT (along with a batch of other UFAs).

    TTs typically sign at the end of Round 1 and a decision will be made prior to the start of round 2.

    1 way and 2 way contracts

    1 way deals are assumed.

    Use the Comments section to identify if your offer is a 2-way deal:


    Don't hesitate to ask questions if any of this is not clear.


    VHA is not like the NHL. You can't, at any point, go over the cap, meaning if you have NOT budgeted for your RFA's and you go over the cap due to an RFA signing, you will be asked to resolve it immediately and you will be penalized if that's not done. For this reason, you have to maintain cap space with the purpose of:

    1) Signing your RFA's (Those guys are going to take up some cap space...bank a reasonable estimated amount for them. If you don't offers can be voided)

    2) Having a viable path to filling your roster (aka you can't bid all of your money on 1 UFA and have 5 spots to fill with no remaining cash. Figure each empty spot is at least costing you $750,000 and possibly more. If you don't, offers can be voided)

    3) Filling the required AHL slots (Work on 2 way deals with your minors to make sure you've got enough guys in your system. Being at 0 cap with 2 LWs and 2 D in your system is going to mean you cap busted when those contracts get added. Oh and if you do that...offers can be voided)

    In short, you cannot utilize every bit of cap space, leaving nothing for your RFA's, having no path to filling your roster or have a minor league system that has too few players in the required positions. In the past we have voided offers, because of this, so please be warned. Your options to avoid this are:

    1) Maintain some space between you and your roster needs

    2) Sign 2 way players to fill your farm

    3) Correct your cap space issues AFTER UFA and sign anyone who remains, who also allows you to sign your RFA's, have a legal roster and fill your AHL slots

    There are no buyouts or roster moves DURING UFA, so if you've wiggled into an area you can't get out of now, it's something you'll have to be smart about.

    We're very happy about everyone being involved and making an effort to improve their team, but some teams are approaching or within this realm now and need to take warning. Keep up the good work, but beware the accountants, who may throw a wrench into your UFA hopes and dreams if you don't show a plan to meet all your roster requirements AND stay under the cap!


    The Admins

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