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New York Rangers - Official Head Coach - David Quinn

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  • I just finished watching the David Quinn Press Conference. This guy seems like he can carry this Rangers team to a playoff appearance. He was previously with B.U. (Boston University) in the College leagues. He's known former Ranger captain Chris Drury (from the original '09 game) for a while now and GM Jeff Gorton for 25 years. His relationship with the 2 are strengthening. He announced that his favorite team as a kid were the Bruins and second were Rangers. He claims he is also not a "dump and chase" coach like Vigneault.

    (Not quoted exactly, summed up) Kevin Shattenkirk Interview on David Quinn: We had a phenomenal team that year in '09 with B.U. and he was competent of leading us to a national championship. He's going to be keeping tabs on my playing style to bring me to my best performance and to what everyone expects of me. Vegas is showing that you can re-build a team hastily, so we could very well do it easily.

    (Not quoted exactly, summed up) Kevin Hayes Interview on David Quinn: I met David when I was in high school. B.U. was one of those teams that really reached out to me. He's a great guy and unbelievable coach. I was adrenalized when I heard he was going to be our new head coach. Everyone here on this team is going to be held accountable.

    What do you think this new head coach will do for New York? Will he bring them an exceptional first NHL season? or... Will he crash just like former coach Alain Vigneault. Vigneault's biggest mistake was being a "dump and chase" type coach.


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