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Splinterice - NHL 51/52 mod - has anyone tried it?

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  • Hi!

    I'm back in 09 (again), so started downloading stuff here and there and stumbled on to splinterice, only to find, what looks to be a AMAZING vintage mod: NHL 51/52 (and 46/47-48/49-59/51!!!). I'm more of a vintage hockey guy (mostly mid to late 90s, but also 50/60s Rocket Richard!

    So, the installationinstructions are in russian but easily translated via google and he has an english translation in the readme.

    I make a fresh install and follow it step-by-step. DONE!

    Double-click to start the game - nothing! The "timeglasscircle" takes a couple of spins but no nothing nada. The game worked as i did initial startup (to get the folder into my Documents). Yes i have run BHimport and all. Can anyone try to install this to see if its on me or just something with the mod?

    I'm on 64bit win10.

    Here's the mod: http://splinterice.com/files/file/711-mod-nhl-1951-1952-v30/


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