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  • With less than 15 games remaining on the calendar, time to put on the old man cardigan and look back on what kept us busy over the past 6 months.

    - Wasserlasser! - Moving to this forum has been a huge boost. Finally a place with NHL 09 gamers and a shitload of addons.

    - Fresh meat! - 6 new GMs have found their way to VHA this season. Welcome newbies!

    - 2 balanced conferences resulting in tight playoff races in both.

    More specifically, we successfully addressed issues brought forward last year at this time:

    - CPU bumps and pims - of course they still happen, but less than before

    - Danglers are annoyingly unique in the game and their return gives us more line combination options. This is a keeper from now on - thanks Bill!

    - Goaltending - What do you think guys? Stats will be tallied at the end of the season and this will continue to be monitored and tweaked if need be.

    Every year brings a new set of a challenges and we always find a way to get it done. This one has been a roller-coaster for sure. It's nice to be able to disconnect from the real world a bit and play hockey with friends. It truly is a privilege to play this game with you all.

    I wanted to specifically thank my fellow admins, Bill and Larry, for their dedication as administrators and their passion for making this VHA dream live on for yet another season (that's 18 years if you're counting - holy crap!).

    Thank YOU ALL for what you do to make this league a successful one.

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